CMO 2022 Results

CMO 2022 Champion: Zixiang Zhou
Congratulations to  Zixiang Zhou who attends London Central Secondary in London, Ontario!
Zixiang has earned this year’s CMO Cup and the top prize of $2,000 cash!
Rank Name School
Gold Medal Zixiang Zhou London Central Secondary (London, ON)
Silver Medal Warren Bei Homeschool (Vancouver, BC)
Bronze Medal Alec Le Helloco Lycée Blaise Pascal (Orsay, France)
Honourable Mention Cordelia Hu Farragut High (Knoxville, TN, USA)
Evan Lu Vincent Massey Secondary (Windsor, ON)
Kevin Min Cupertino High (Cupertino, CA, USA)
Kaixin Wang Magee Secondary (Vancouver, BC)
Jason Zhang Canton High (Canton, MI, USA)


  • Top score: 35/35
  • Lowest score for the top quartile: 12/35
  • Median score: 8/35
  • Competitors: 88 (78 official, 10 unofficial)

Matthew Brennan Award for Best CMO Solution

[read here for general information about the award]

The 2022 Award goes to Marvin Mao of Bergen County Academies (Hackensack, NJ, USA) for his solution to problem 3.

Problem 3 asked students to prove an upper and lower bound involving a game, and Marvin had a clever solution to the upper bound. He changed the rules to make the game easier to analyze, and showed that the new game still satisfies the desired upper bound. The idea to change the game was present in a few papers, but Marvin’s version was the most elegant.

Congratulations, Marvin!

CJMO 2022 Results

CJMO 2022 Champion: Christopher Li
Congratulations to Christopher Li who attends TTmath School and William Berczy Public School in Markham, Ontario!
Rank Name School
Gold Medal Christopher Li TTmath School and William Berczy Public School (Markham, ON)
Honourable Mention Emily Ma Mark Garneau CI (Toronto, ON)
Joshua Wang Brookfield Central High (Brookfield, WI, USA)
Carol Wu Port Moody Secondary (Port Moody, BC)
Daniel Ye William Lyon MacKenzie CI (Toronto, ON)


  • Top score: 26/35
  • Lowest score for the top quartile: 18/35
  • Median score: 15/35
  • Competitors: 22