2023 Election

Every two years, the Canadian Mathematical Society elects a portion of its Executive Committee and Board of Directors. This year, members in good standing as of March 31st will be able to vote online between noon EDT on Monday April 3rd and noon a month later, on Wednesday May 3rd. Members without an email address on file will be sent a paper ballot. Members should expect to receive an email notification or a paper ballot package on or within a week of April 3rd and are encouraged to contact the CMS Executive office if they haven’t received a communication by April 10th.

The election process is carried out by the CMS office and certified by three appointed tellers.

Confirmation and announcement of election results will occur at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 4th, during the 2023 CMS Summer Meeting in Ottawa.  Detailed information about the election and its results will subsequently be published in the September issue of the CMS Notes and appear on the CMS website.


The formal deadline set out by the CMS Nominating Committee for nominations is March 1, 2023.

Members may nominate themselves or other members. A complete nomination package must include: (i) support in writing by at least five (5) other members of the CMS; (ii) written acceptance of the nominee to stand for office; and (iii) biographical information of the nominee as laid out on the CMS Volunteer Application Form. Nominations with supporting materials should be e-mailed to nominations-2023@cms.math.ca, although biographical material may be supplied through the CMS Volunteer Application Form if preferred.

Note that the biographical information provided will be posted and distributed to voters. Candidates are encouraged to make a brief personal statement to be submitted with their biography.  Candidates may wish to see the corresponding information from the previous election for an idea of what type of information may be provided.

If you would like further information about nominating yourself or another member, please contact Dr. Megan Dewar, Chair of the Nominating Committee at chair-nomc@cms.math.ca.

Open Positions

The CMS will be electing fifteen (15) officers and directors. 

Nominations are being solicited for the following positions for the Executive Committee (length of elected term in parentheses):

  • President-Elect (1 year)/President (2 years)/Past-President (1 year);
  • Vice-President – Quebec (4 years);
  • Vice-President – Ontario (4 years); and
  • Vice-President – West (AB, MB, NT, NU, SK) (4 years).

Nominations are also being solicited for Board of Directors members (length of elected term in parentheses):

  • Atlantic – 1 member (4 years);
  • Quebec – 3 members (4 years);
  • Ontario – 2 members (4 years);
  • West (AB, MB, NT, NU, SK) – 2 members (4 years);
  • Pacific (BC) – 1 member (4 years); and
  • Student – 2 member (2 years).

Election Slate

Details about the election slate, the terms and the elected positions that are not being selected this year.

See the Terms of Reference for the Executive.

Executive Committee: President

Every two years, a new person is selected for the four-year term of President-Elect/ President/ Past President. This permits a new president to learn during the first year as President-Elect with the incumbent President and during the second year to have the support of the same person as Past President when the new person assumes the presidency.

The President is also Chair of the Board of Directors.

The person elected this year will be designated “President-Elect” for the first year with David Pike (Memorial) continuing as President. In June 2024, Dr. Pike becomes “Past President” and the President-Elect becomes “President”. In the third year (June 2025), a new President-Elect will be chosen.

This chart may be helpful:

Person June '23 - '24 June '24 - '25 June '25 - '26 June '26 - '27
David Pike (Memorial) President Past President
(Elected in 2023) President-Elect President President Past-President
(Elected in 2025) President-Elect President

Executive Committee: Vice-Presidents

Vice Presidents are also considered members of the Board of Directors.  This year we are seeking three people.  Two Vice Presidents will continue serving for another two years each.

Position June 2023 - 2025 June 2025 - 2027
VP - Atlantic Tim Alderson (UNBSJ) TBD 2025
VP - Québec To be elected.
VP - Ontario To be elected.
VP - West (AB, MB, NT, NU, SK) To be elected.
VP - Pacific Liam Watson (UBC Vancouver) TBD 2025

Non-Executive Members of the Board of Directors

Directors are elected for four year terms, except Student Directors (two years).  The following is a list of current/continuing directors and which directorships are open for election.

Region June 2023 - 2025 June 2025 - 2027
Atlantic (two pos) Mikhail Kotchetov (Memorial) TBD 2025
+ one person to be elected.
Québec (three pos) Three people to be elected.
Ontario (four pos) Anthony Bonato (TMU) TBD 2025
Spiro Karigiannis (Waterloo) TBD 2025
+ two people to be elected.
West (three pos) - AB, MB, NT, NU, SK Joy Morris (Lethbridge) TBD 2025
+ three people to be elected.
Pacific (three pos) - BC, YT Gary McGillivary (Victoria) TBD 2025
Nilima Nigam (Simon Fraser) TBD 2025
+ one person to be elected.
Student (two pos) Two people to be elected. TBD 2025


Nominations remain open until March 1st! – please see the Nominations section above if you would like to nominate yourself or another member to a position.

The following are the declared candidates for each position.  When available, biographical information will be linked to candidates’ names. This list will be updated regularly throughout February.

President and Chair of the Board of Directors:

  • Barbara Csima (Waterloo)

Vice President (Québec) and Member of the Board of Directors:

  • Alina Stancu (Concordia)

Vice President (Ontario) and Member of the Board of Directors:

  • Ilia Binder (Toronto)

Vice President (West) and Member of the Board of Directors:

  • Joy Morris (Lethbridge)

Atlantic Member of the Board of Directors:

  • no candidates yet.

Quebec Member of the Board of Directors:  (Three to be elected)

  • no candidates yet.

Ontario Member of the Board of Directors:  (Two to be elected)

  • no candidates yet.

West Member of the Board of Directors:  (Three to be elected)

  • no candidates yet.

Pacific Member of the Board of Directors:

  • no candidates yet.

Student Member of the Board of Directors:  (Two to be elected)

  • no candidates yet.