2021 Election

The voting process starts in spring 2021 (when the election slate is emailed to each member; members without an email address on file will be sent a paper ballot) and ends 30 days after the start of the voting begins.  You must be a member of the current year and in good standing as of March 31st to be eligible to vote.  The election process is carried out electronically by the CMS Executive Office and the results are approved by three appointed tellers. Information about the election and the results are published in the September issue of the CMS Notes.

Election Slate

The slate of candidates for the 2021 elections to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors will be listed on this page when they are available.  It is expected that the preliminary slate proposed by the Nominating Committee will appear here in January 2021.



The formal deadline set out by the CMS Nominating Committee for direct nominations is March 1, 2021. Any direct nominations for either the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors (all positions with a term ending in June 2021) must be sent by this date to the Chair of the Nominating Committee of CMS: chair-nomc@cms.math.ca. You may nominate yourself of a colleague using the Volunteer Application Form.

Candidates will be asked to provide standard biographical information which will be distributed to the voters. Candidates are encouraged to make a brief personal statement to be submitted with their biography.

If you would like further information about making a direct nomination, please contact Prof. Alexandre Girouard, Chair of the Nominating Committee at chair-nomc@cms.math.ca.


Past Election Results