Coxeter-James Prize

The Coxeter-James Prize was inaugurated to recognize young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. The first award was presented in 1978.

The recipient shall be a member of the Canadian mathematical community. Nominations may be made up to ten years from the candidate’s Ph.D: researchers having their Ph.D degrees conferred within the past ten years (e.g.: degree in 2009 or later would be eligible for nomination in 2019 for the 2020 Prize). Where eligible leaves of absence may warrant, nominations may be made more than ten years from the candidate’s Ph.D. Such exceptions should be clearly addressed by the nominators. A nomination can be updated and will remain active for a second year unless the original nomination is made in the tenth year from the candidate’s Ph.D.

Nominations are currently welcomed for the 2025 Coxeter-James Prize.

Deadline: September 30

Award presentation normally takes place at the CMS Winter Meeting and a plenary lecture given by the recipient is customary.


Previous Years
2021: Luke Postle
2017: Sabin Cautis
2015: Dong Li
2008: Ravi Vakil
2006: Jim Geelen
2003: Jingyi Chen
2002: Lisa Jeffrey
2001: Kai Behrend
2000: Damien Roy
1999: M. Zworski
1998: Henri Darmon
1997: Michael Ward
1996: Nigel Higson
1995: Gordon Slade
1994: Mark Spivakovsky
1993: Jacques Hurtubise
1992: J.F. Jardine
1991: K. Murty
1990: N. Ghoussoub
1989: A. Dow
1988: R. Murty
1987: J. Borwein
1986: E. Perkins
1985: P. Selick
1984: M. Goresky
1983: M.D. Choi
1982: J. Mallet-Paret
1981: J. Millson
1980: F. Clarke
1979: D. Boyd
1978: R. Moody

Prize Sculpture

Example of sculpture given
"Chanting Man" by Manasie Ikalukjuak

The Coxeter-James Prize is an Inuit soapstone sculpture. Each sculpture is different, granting the recipient a unique Canadian piece of art.

Sculptures are selected with the generous assistance of Ian Wright from The Snow Goose Ltd., Ottawa.

Selection Committee

The recipient of the Coxeter-James Prize, as well as the other Research awards, is chosen by the CMS Research Committee based on the strength of the nominations.

The Coxeter-James Prize is named in honour of:

Photo of Coxeter
Donald Coxeter

H.S.M. (Donald) Coxeter (1907-2003)

Donald Coxeter was the seventh president of the CMS from 1965-1967. Donald joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto in 1936 and he spent the next 67 years actively engaged at the University. Undoubtedly the world’s most famous geometer, he is best known for his introduction of what are now referred to as Coxeter groups. His name is attached to a number of mathematical concepts including the Coxeter diagram, Coxeter complex, Coxeter element, Coxeter graph, Coxeter number, and Coxeter system.

Photo of Ralph James
Ralph James

Ralph Duncan James (1909-1979)

Ralph James was the fifth president of the Canadian Mathematical Society from 1961-1963. A member of the CMS virtually from its beginning, Ralph was one of its most ardent supporters. As the head of the University of British Columbia Mathematics Department from 1948-1974, he encouraged his colleagues to take a serious interest in applying their work and worked to develop the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at UBC. He also helped to found the British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers and played a significant role in provincial school curriculum development.