CMO Qualifying Repêchage

The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Repêchage (or just “Repêchage”) is an annual competition that serves as a qualifier for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO). It typically runs at the beginning of February each year, shortly after results of the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) are announced.

Participation is by invitation only.

Participants in the Repêchage receive a set of problems whose solutions must be submitted within a week of receipt. The Repêchage is a take-home competition. The solution papers returned to the CMS are carefully reviewed, but usually not explicitly scored. 

The competitors who demonstrate the most innovative, clear, and complete solutions are invited to the CMO (held in early March).  Students in grade ten or under who do well on the Repêchage, but not well enough for the CMO earn invitations to the CJMO.  There are no other prizes or certificates for participation.

The CMS wishes to thank the sponsors and partners who make our competitions programs successful.

2023 Repêchage

We are currently marking the competition submissions.  We expect this to take about two weeks. 

When we finish, we’ll email all participants to tell them their individual results and we’ll indicate on this page that the competition has finished and competitors have been notified.  If you are a competitor and can’t find your results in your email, first check your spam folder. 

Those whose Repêchage results earn them an invitation for the CMO or the CJMO will be emailed a separate formal invitation with instructions within two more business days.

The 2023 Repêchage results are in!

  • 76 students were invited to write,
  • 65 competitors registered and submitted their work,
  • 22 of these earned invitations to the CMO, and
  • 18 other competitors earned invitations to the CJMO.

All competitors will be contacted by email to inform them of the results and will receive their invitations this week.

Competitors and coaches can download this year’s Problem Set and Official Solutions from the Exam Archive below.

Score Distribution: This year, unlike in previous years, we are releasing scores to the participants.  The Repechage was scored out of 100 possible points.  The following histogram indicates the results.

By Invitation Only

Students who participated in the COMC and did well, but did not qualify for the CMO are invited to write the Repêchage. Approximately 75 students are invited to write the Repêchage. Based on the results, roughly 20 of these students are selected and invited to participate in the top national math competition: the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO).


Students invited to write the Repêchage must complete a declaration that they meet the  CMO Eligibility Requirements.

Preparing for the Repêchage

In addition to the past Repêchage test papers below, students are encouraged to use past COMC and CMO papers to help prepare for the Repêchage. The CMS also has other problem-solving resources available for competitors.