Membership Categories

The individual membership categories have recently been changed and updated to reflect the current professional structure in mathematics. Membership rates are based on whether you are a Canadian resident or a non-Canadian resident.

For all 2024 rates, please click here.

New Membership in all non-student categories will receive 2 years of membership for the price of one year! Please note that the old “new regular membership” category that offered a 50% discount for the first five consecutive years of regular membership is grandfathered and will be honoured for those who are currently in this category. This membership category is a 5 year commitment and disruption in payment will result in full regular dues owing.

Regular Membership will apply to mathematicians or math enthusiasts and consists of two sub-categories based on grants:

  • Faculty with grants, Professional; or
  • Faculty without grants.

Post-doctoral Membership is for individuals up to 3 years after completing their PhD. Your year of degree obtained must be provided when you apply.

Student Membership is open to all students studying in mathematics at a University, College, CEGEP or High School who have an interest in mathematics.

University Sponsored Students Membership applies to students who have been sponsored by their university for membership. University students wanting to participate in this membership are encouraged to contact the Head of their University Math Department.

Retired or Unemployed Membership is for individuals who are retired or unemployed (actively seeking employment).

CEGEP, College, High School Teachers Membership has been expanded to include all those teachers of mathematics from a non-university institution.

Lifetime Membership is available to members aged 50 and over. See lifetime rates.

Note: Members who reside outside Canada often are members of other national mathematical societies. The CMS has reciprocal arrangements with many such societies and invites members of those societies to join using our Reciprocal Rates.

Multi-Year Membership (optional)
All categories above, with the exception of unemployed members, will have the option to pay for additional year(s), up to 3 years, at the current rate.

For more information on CMS membership, please contact the CMS Membership Department at without grants