Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad

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Canada is a participating country in the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO) which is held each March.

The competition is by invitation-only.  Each year the CMS invites about 20-30 students to write the APMO based on their results in other competitions, such as the COMC.  To be invited, you need to participate in such competitions and perform well.

This is a global competition, however our participants write the APMO at their own schools under supervision of teachers or staff.

Official Global Web Site

The official permanent APMO host site can be found here

It provides the past exam archive, eligibility rules and a history of the results of the competition, including the Canadian results.

2023 Canadian APMO Team

Competitor Result
Warren Bei Gold
Ming Yang Silver
Dhruv Basu Silver
Evan Lu Bronze
Cordelia Hu Bronze
Xuezhi Wang Bronze
Jason Zhang Bronze
Kaixin Wang Honourable Mention
Marvin Mao Honourable Mention
Haozhe Yang Honourable Mention

Contest Information

Since its inception in 1989, the APMO aims to encourage and challenge mathematically gifted children in all Pacific-Rim countries, foster friendly international relations and cooperation between students and teachers and encourage and support mathematical involvement with Olympiad type activities.

The APMO is held in the afternoon of the second Monday of March for participating countries in the North and South Americas, and in the morning of the second Tuesday of March for participating countries on the Western Pacific and in Asia.

The APMO contest consists of one four-hour paper consisting of five questions of varying difficulty and each having a maximum score of 7 points.

All APMO contestants will receive a Certificate of Award, Honourable Mention or Representation.

IMO Team Consideration

The APMO results are one of the measures the CMS uses to identify potential candidates for Math Team Canada and the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). For more information about the APMO and IMO, please contact the IMO co-Chair James Rickards. (Montréal).