Frequently Asked Questions

Membership dues are not taxable.

CMS membership is based on the calendar year. This means that if you purchase a membership at mid-point through the year it will remain active until December 31st of that year.

Since this type of membership is sponsored by the University, please contact the Head of your Math Department to become a sponsored student. A sponsored student has the same benefits of a regular member.

Yes, you can pay for up to three years in advance for your CMS membership. In this case, you will secure the current year’s rate for the years purchased (rates may become higher in the next year).

The fastest and easiest way to pay for your membership is by credit card via your portal account. We accept Visa and MasterCard. All payments including credit card numbers are secure and encrypted.

Please note that we also accept payment by cheque in either Canadian Dollars for Canadian residents or in US Dollars for non-Canadian residents. Please complete a membership form and send with your cheque to the
CMS Membership
616 Cooper St.
Ottawa, ON, K1R 5J2

A Portal account is your own personal account with CMS and it offers numerous electronic services to CMS members including renewals, registering to CMS meetings, ability to update your personal information, access to Members-only online directory, online access to both scientific journals: CJM and CMB, etc.

You may have a portal account without being a CMS Member, however, you will not have access to member benefits.

An individual member, your online access will be based on username (your email address) and password. Your password will be encrypted.

Once you have signed in to your portal account, click on Update your personal details to access your personal information page. Once you have updated your personal details, click on Save & Continue. It might take the system a few seconds to record and fully save your information.

If you forgot your password for your portal account, you will be able to reset a new password. If your attempt to reset a new password has failed, please do not create a new account. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with a temporary password.