CMO 2021 Results

Official Results:
Warren Bei CMO Champion
Congratulations to CMO Champion Warren Bei who is homeschooled in Vancouver, British Columbia! Warren has earned this year’s Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Cup and $2,000 cash!
Canadian Division
1stWarren Bei (Vancouver, BC, homeschooled)$ 2000 and the CMO Cup
2ndThomas Guo (Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH, USA) and
Zhening Li (Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School in Waterloo, ON)
Arvin Sahami (RWS, Richmond Hill World School, Richmond Hill, ON)
Eric Shen (University of Toronto schools, ON)
$ 1000 prize
(listed alphabetically)
Kaylee Ji (Lexington High School, Lexington, MA, USA);
Alec Le Helloco (Lycée Blaise Pascal, Orsay, France);
Kevin Min (Cupertino High School, Cupertino, CA, USA);
Zixiang Zhou (London Central Secondary School, London ON)
$ 300 each

CJMO 2021 Results

The 2021 CJMO exam was written at the same time as the CMO – on Thursday, March 11, 2021. There were 20 students competing

Official Results:
CJMO Champions

Congratulations to CJMO Champions Maggie Pang from Marc Garneau C.I. and William Zhao from Windemere Ranch Middle School. 

Canadian Division
1stMaggie Pang (Marc Garneau C.I., ON) and
William Zhao  (Windemere Ranch Middle School, CA, USA) 
$ 100

Emily Qingle Liu (Marc Garneau C.I., ON),

Raymond Wang (University Transition Program, Vancouver, BC) BC),  and

Richard Zhang (Georges Vanier Secondary School, North York, ON).

 $ 50