The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) is the national voice of mathematics in Canada for over 1,200 members including university professors, math educators, teachers, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, and other professional mathematicians at university departments of mathematics in Canada and abroad.

Our main activities include publishing research and educational journals and books, organizing semi-annual scientific meetings and lectures, and providing competitions and grants to support mathematics. The Society is also involved in policy and strategic work to support mathematics and the mathematics research community including participating in international mathematical initiatives to promote the discipline.

Read the latest Annual Report for information on the Society’s recent activities.

Why become a CMS member?

A CMS membership gives you access to professional development and networking opportunities; support and participate in national and international research, and in educational initiatives; and support the development of mathematics in Canada.

CMS members will benefit directly from reduced registration fees at CMS semi-annual scientific meetings and mini-courses including free access to child care services while attending a CMS meeting; complimentary online access to our two research journals; access to, and inclusion in, the CMS Membership Directory; online subscription to the CMS Notes and discounts on other CMS publications; and much more benefits.

Additionally, our programs benefit yearly:

  • Over 750 students attending CMS Math Camps
  • Over 10,000 students taking part in CMS organized and sponsored competitions
  • Over 1,400 university and college libraries subscribing to CMS research journals
  • Over 800 attendees participating in over 550 talks at CMS meetings

By becoming a CMS member — whether individual, institutional or corporate — you are making a real difference to mathematics in Canada: high school students experience the fun and creative side of math; graduate students have the opportunity to present their work for the first time at a CMS meeting; researchers showcase their discoveries in CMS journals; math educators share best practices; and the Canadian voice of mathematics is heard here and abroad.

By becoming a CMS member, you are benefiting not only from the programs themselves, but also by adding strength and vibrancy to the Society and the mathematical community. We have an impressive history of promoting science in Canada and abroad and we welcome you to be part of our story!

Join the CMS today!

The success of the CMS would not be possible without the support of our members and all the many volunteers who generously give their time to the CMS and the Canadian mathematics community.

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