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CMS Competitions

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Below is a list of CMS hosted competitions.

Canada Jay Mathematical Competition (CJMC)

Our newest math competition open to students in grades K-8, with questions based primarily on grade 5-8 curriculum. This competition has been created by mathematicians from across Canada.

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) 

Canada’s premier national mathematics competition open to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math. The purpose of the COMC is to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about mathematics and problem solving. The competition serves to provide teachers with a unique student enrichment activity during the fall term. It is the most prestigious math competition in Canada, and one of the most prestigious in the Americas. The COMC is the only way to be invited to the CMS’ free, exclusive training camps and compete internationally as part of Math Team Canada!

CMO Qualifying Repêchage Competition

The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Repêchage (CMOQR or just Repêchage) is an invitation-only contest that serves as a qualifier for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO).

Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)

An advanced competition written by invitation only. A Canadian Mathematical Society competition.

International Competitions - Invitation Only

European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad is an international competition in mathematics. The EGMO addresses female high school students whose commitment to mathematics goes beyond the usual school curriculum. Since 2012, the EGMO is held each year in a different country.

The official website for the EGMO is: https://www.egmo.org/.

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

The IMO is the world championship mathematics competition for high-school students. Canada has proudly participated in the IMO for over thirty years.

The official website for the IMO is: https://www.imo-official.org/ 

Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO)

The competition is by invitation-only. Each year the CMS invites about 20-30 students to write the APMO based on their results in other competitions, such as the COMC. To be invited, you need to participate in such competitions and perform well.

The official website for the APMO is: https://www.apmo-official.org/

National and Regional Competitions

Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences (APICS) Mathematics Competition 

For undergraduate students from Atlantic Canadian universities. Students compete in teams of two.

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

For grades 1-12. Available in English or French. Information about the international Math Kangaroo contest can be found here.

Caribou Mathematics Competition 

International online contest for grades 2-12. Available in English, French, Farsi, and Mandarin.

Euclid Mathematics Contest

For students in their final year of secondary school and motivated students in lower grades. Available in English and French.

Fryer, Galois and Hypatia Mathematics Contests

For students in Grades 9 (Fryer), 10 (Galois) and 11 (Hypatia). Available in English and French.

Gauss Mathematics Contests

For students in Grades 7 and 8 and interested students from lower grades. Available in English and French.

Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Mathematics Contests

For students in Grades 9 (Pascal), 10 (Cayley) and 11 (Fermat). Available in English and French.

The Virtual Mathematical Marathon

For students in grades 3-12. Available in English and French.

Provincial Competitions


Alberta High School Mathematics Competition 

For high school students in Alberta. Students in the Northwest Territories and junior high students may also apply to write. Available in English.

Calgary Junior Math Contest

Primarily for Grade 9 students, but all junior high students attending schools in Calgary and surrounding districts are eligible. Available in English and French.

Calgary Elementary School Math Contest

For grade 4, 5, and 6 students attending elementary school in Calgary and surrounding areas. Available in English.

Edmonton Junior High Math Contest

For Grade 9 and lower grade students in the Edmonton school district. Available in English.

Edmonton Junior High Mathematics Invitational

For junior high students in Alberta. Available in English. Please contact Andy Liu, the contest organizer, for more details.

British Columbia

For BC students in grades 8-12. Available in English. There are 5 regional divisions:

BC Secondary School Mathematics Contest


For students in grades 5-7 in the Victoria and Vancouver areas. Available in English.


Manitoba Mathematics Contest 

For Manitoba students in grade 12. Available in English and French.

New Brunswick

Calculus Challenge Exam

For high school students in NB who are registered in or have completed a calculus course. Available in English.

New Brunswick Math Competition 

For New Brunswick students in grades 7-9. Available in English and French.

Newfoundland and Labrador

W.J. Blundon Contest 

For senior high school students in Newfoundland and Labrador. Available in English.

Senior and Junior High School Math League 

Team-based junior and senior high school competitions. Available in English.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Math League 

Team-based competition for high school competitions. English only.


Ontario Mathematics Olympiad

For Ontario students in grades 7 and 8. Available in English.

Math@Mac Online Competition

For high school students in Ontario. Available in English.

Math Battles 

For high school students in Toronto. A problem solving competition between two teams, usually from different schools.

Northwestern Ontario High School Mathematics Competition 

For students grades 9-12 in the Northwestern Ontario area. Available in English.


For high school students in the GTA.


Concours de l’Association Mathématique du Québec

For Québec students. Two exams per year: one for high school students and another for students in CEGEP. Available in French.

Concours Delta 

Aimed at students in Secondary 5 of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region and all college students in this region and the North Shore. Available in French.

Quebec Foundation for Academic Achievements Math Contest

For Quebec students in grades Elementary 2 to Secondary 5. Available in English and French.


Saskatchewan Math Challenge

For Saskatchewan students in grades 7-10. Available in English.

Do you have a recommendation to add to this list?  If so, please email us at competitions@cms.math.ca with the link and your recommendation for a short description.  Our editor will review and may add the information to this page.  Significant factors include: what grade/age of students is it for? Is the operating organization commercial or non-profit? Can Canadians (in Canada) participate?