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Photo of the 1945 Canadian Mathematical Congress

Featured in the above photo are 128 of the 239 participants in the 1945 Canadian Mathematical Congress. Of these, 37 have been identified. You can click a face here to see a close up image and name (if known) as well as an alphabetical listing of all participants and their affiliation. The CMS is soliciting your help in identifying all those featured on this photo. If you or someone you know recognizes a face or has an anecdote about this Congress, the CMS encourages you to contact CMS Office.

CMS Record of Service
List of all commitee members from 1945 and all appointments for a given member.

CMS Presidents
List of all CMS Presidents since 1945

CMS 50th Anniversary Book Series
In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Canadian Mathematical Society presented three volumes encompassing the achievements, research and publications of the Canadian mathematical community.