Categories and Rates

2023 Institutional Rates

Institutional Membership Category Canadian Addresses (CDN $) Non-Canadian Addresses (US $) Publications Included (print & online, except for CMS Notes is online only)
Category A - Departments granting Ph.D. $1,412 $1,412 CJM, CMB and CMS Notes
Category B - Departments granting M.Sc. $931 $931 CJM, CMB and CMS Notes
Category C - Other University departments $365 $365 CMS Notes
Category D - Canadian Colleges, CEGEPs and Schools $137 $137 CMS Notes

Sponsored Memberships for Students

This is an optional category available to Institutional Members (category A to C). Your institution is invited to take advantage of this option in addition to your category above by sponsoring all your graduate and undergraduate students for membership in the CMS. This is a great opportunity to engage students and show them the importance of supporting their national profession, now and for future years.



Sponsored Student Benefits Rate (CDN $) Format Instructions for Student List
Electronic copy of CMS Notes; Listed on graduate ListServ & CMS member ListServ; Listed on searchable CMS Members-only online directory; Reduced fees at CMS Meetings/events; see the complete list of member benefits. $44/student Please supply your list of graduates and undergraduates in Excel format with separate fields for first name, last name, degree and email address. Send list to:

Additional Print Subscriptions

University Libraries affiliated with an Institutional Member receive discounts of up to 60% on the price of CMS publications for additional hard-copy subscriptions or bulk orders:

Publication Canadian
(CDN $)
(US $)
Canadian Journal of Mathematics (6 issues) Please contact Cambridge University Press (CUP) at in The Americas or for elsewhere.
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (4 issues)



For more information, please contact the CMS Membership department at