About the CMS

Overview of the Society

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) was originally conceived in June 1945 as the Canadian Mathematical Congress. The founding members hoped for the Congress to be dedicated to mathematical development in Canada. In 1978, upon its incorporation as a non-profit, charitable organisation, a new name was adopted to avoid confusion with the quadrennial mathematical congresses and the Canadian Mathematical Society was born.

The CMS’ vision for the future is to reach out to and form new partnerships with the users of mathematics in business, governments and universities, educators in the school and college systems as well as other mathematical associations; and in doing so, share experiences, work on collaborative projects and generally enhance the perception and strengthen the profile of mathematics in Canada.

Goal and Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Canadian Mathematical Society is to promote and advance the discovery, learning and application of mathematics.

Statement of Purpose

  • To unify and support Canadian mathematicians through effective communication, broad membership, sponsorship of diverse activities, and partnerships with like professional societies.
  • To support mathematics research through the communication of current research to both the specialist and non-specialist, public recognition of research accomplishments and collaboration with the research institutes, granting agencies and the users of mathematics.
  • To support mathematics education through joint projects with mathematics educators at all levels, promotion of educational advancements, and partnerships with provincial ministries of education and organizations supporting mathematics education.
  • To champion mathematics through initiatives that explain, promote and increase the general understanding of mathematics, provide extracurricular opportunities for students, and encourage partnerships with corporate, government and not-for-profit agencies.


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