Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Award was inaugurated to recognize individuals who have made sustained and significant contributions to the Canadian mathematical community and, in particular, to the Canadian Mathematical Society. The first award was presented in 1995.

The Award was renamed the Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service in 2008 in recognition of Graham Wright’s 30 years of service to the Society as the Executive Director and Secretary.

Nominations are currently closed.
Nominations for the Graham Wright Award 2025 will be accepted beginning January 1.

The recipient will receive their award at the CMS Winter Meeting banquet of that year, or, if at the request of the recipient, the presentation could be made either at their home institution.


Previous Years
2022: David Oakden
2019: Karl Dilcher
2018: Keith Taylor
2014: Shawn Godin
2008: Bill Sands
2006: Richard Kane
2005: Not awarded
2000: Arthur Sherk
1998: Not awarded
1997: Not awarded
1995: A.J. Coleman, G.F.D. Duff, H.S.M. Coxeter, Maurice L'Abbé, Nathan S. Mendelsohn

Prize Sculpture

Graham Wright Award sculpture

The Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service is a gold etched blue glass award.

Selection Committee

The recipient is chosen by the Distinguished Awards Selection Committee based on the strength and merit of the nominations.

The Graham Wright Award is named in honour of:

Graham Wright
Graham Wright

Professor Graham P. Wright served as Executive Director of the CMS from 1979 to 2009. Dr. Wright was a key contributor to virtually all aspects of the Society’s operations, including his service as Managing Editor of many of the CMS’s scientific publications, his work as an organizer of Math Camps and Mathematics Competitions (notably his work for the 1995 International Mathematical Olympiad held in Toronto), and his tireless efforts in support of the Society’s committees and scientific meetings. In addition, he helped to build up the Society’s Executive Office in Ottawa and to develop its web-based electronic services. The CMS would not have its current impact on the professional mathematical community, nor its current wide range of programs in research, publication, and mathematics education, without the extraordinary contributions of Graham Wright.