Thank you for visiting the Canadian Mathematical Society’s donation page and for considering supporting our broad range of mathematics education and advancement programs.

The Canadian Mathematical Society is a registered charity dedicated to advancing mathematics and mathematics education in Canada and addressing the needs of the mathematical community. The CMS depends on grants, funding, and generous donations from sponsors, benefactors and community members to be able to carry out its activities.


Despite the impact of the pandemic on many of the Society’s operations, CMS staff, volunteers and board members created new strategies and sought new opportunities for the CMS to grow. In doing so, the CMS adjusted its vision, introduced new programs, and further embraced virtual opportunities that made our programs accessible to a wider and more diverse group of participants.

Below are some examples of activities that take place thanks to the generosity of donors like you:

Specialty Camps – New Specialty Math Camps continue to be launched each year, providing traditionally under-represented groups in mathematics with the opportunity to discover the subject and all that it has to offer. These camps are tailored towards the community in which they are held, and provide campers with culturally and socially relevant experiences. Specialty Camps are organized each year across Canada, and cover a broad range of topics, and provide youth with unforgettable experiences related to mathematics.

CMS All Girls Training Camp for IMO and EGMO Hopefuls – The CMS holds an all girls’ training camp for advanced mathematics students who have the potential to be selected for the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) and the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) teams. These programs provide participants with the chance to meet and network with other girls in mathematics.

Canada Jay Mathematical Competition: A New Math Competition for Primary School Students – Many provinces were faced with widespread school closures and lock down measures as a consequence of the global pandemic. The CMS launched a brand new competition for elementary school students to engage them in mathematics in a fun and exciting way. The competition was offered in both paper and virtual formats to accommodate the needs of all students. The CMS was blown away by the interest and the participation rates of the inaugural competition, and will continue to offer this competition annually.

CMS Inclusion Initiative For Black and Indigenous Students – The CMS has vowed to reaffirm its commitment to a future for the mathematical community where the contributions of Black and Indigenous mathematicians and STEM professionals are better reflected. As part of the CMS Closing the Gap Initiative, the Society invited students who identify as Black or Indigenous to participate in the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) and the Canada Jay Mathematical Competition (CJMC) at no cost.

Red house on a mathematical backgroundAfter much deliberation, the CMS has decided that obtaining a residence is the soundest financial and social action for the Society to survive and thrive in the years to come. We invite members to donate generously towards this initiative in the years to come and help the Canadian Mathematical Community to obtain a permanent home. To donate, click here.


Below are some ways that you can donate:

Donate through your member portal : You can log into your CMS portal to donate.

Donate online: You can donate directly through Canada Helps.

Donate through a gift-matching program: If your employer is present on Benevity, you can search for our profile and donate there. If not, you can let your employer know of your donation and inquire about the next steps.

Make a planned donation: Through planned giving, you can make a contribution which expands beyond the present, changes lives, and helps build a better society for generations to come. Members can choose from a variety of different planned options.

Donate your Aeroplan Miles: You can donate directly through Aeroplan

Donate using a Codicil: A codicil is a legal document that is used to make minor modifications to an already existing Last Will and Testament. A codicil has the same signing requirements as a will: Even when making minor adjustments, you’re required to sign in the presence of two adult witnesses (who cannot be beneficiaries listed in your will). A codicil is only appropriate if you wish to make minor changes to your will. These changes could include adding or deleting specific bequests.

Click here to download a sample codicil (pdf).

For further information, please contact the CMS Fundraising and Communications Officer at:

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