If you are visiting this page, you are probably considering donating to the Society. Thank you! You might want to also know a little more about the us. The Canadian Mathematical Society is a charity organisation dedicated to advancing mathematics and mathematics education in Canada and addressing the needs of the mathematical community. The CMS depends on grants, funds, and generous donations from sponsors, benefactors and other members of the community to be able to carry out it activities.

Did you donate last year? Here are a few new things we did thanks to your generosity.


Yukon Camps – Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and our partners, the CMS was able to hold its first camp for Northern and Indigenous students in the Yukon. The students took part in many friendly and entertaining math activities such as bridge building competitions and math challenges. 90% of participating students said the camps increased their interest in math. All and all,  the camp was a huge success!  So much so that the CMS will be holding a second camp in the Yukon and a first one in the Northwest Territories next year.


All Girls Math Team Canada

CMS All Girls Training Camp- The CMS also held its first ever all girls’ training camp for the Canadian Team participating in European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad.

This goes well beyond being just “encouraging”; it is seriously inspiring and motivating to see people who share that experience with you excelling, and to be in an environment of female contestants sharing this passion for math where your gender is not a very small minority, or even being the only girl in the room. – Anna Krokhin, 2019 EGMO contestant

CMS Childcare Initiative – The CMS believes that children and family life should not hinder a mathematicians’ career. But the reality is that often times the women are the hardest impacted by maternity and family situations. The CMS has ratified its Meetings protocol to provide childcare at its Semi-Annual meeting. This initiative was first implemented at the 2019 Summer Meeting in Regina, and will continue, with the support of our sponsors, partners and donors, to be a constant part of the Meetings.

LGBTQ+ Lunchtime Discussion – Another new addition to CMS Meetings program is the LGBTQ+ Lunchtime discussion, held for the first time at the 2019 CMS Winter Meeting in Toronto. The  LGBTQ+ Lunchtime Discussion is an occasion to socialize in an accepting and supporting environment and an opportunity to learn about different resources available to LGBTQ+ STEM community.


COMC Indigenous Initiative- Following the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations, the Canadian Mathematical Society is taking initiatives to facilitate the engagement of Indigenous students in mathematics and educational activities. That is why, starting 2020, the CMS will be subsidizing the participation of Indigenous students in the Canadian Open Math Challenge.

New Camps for Indigenous and Northern Communities – Give the success of our new Yukon math camp, the CMS is organising two additional camps, one in the Yukon and another in the Northwest Territories in order to better accommodate these communities and incite a greater interest in math and STEM among students.


New EGMO Training Camp– The success and reception of 2019 EGMO training camp exceeded the Society’s expectations. The Society believes young female mathematicians deserve the opportunity to develop their talent, shine on the international stage, and pave the way for other girls in math.


Subsidised Registration Fees for Graduate Students– CMS holds two semi-annual meetings every year. These meetings are the largest mathematical events in Canada and are attended by over 600 aspiring mathematicians, establisehd researchers and educators, offering over 40 sessions in pure and applied mathematics, actuarial sciences, and other pertinent subjects. With your generous donations, the CMS can continue to offer lower registration fees to graduate students and offer them various travel grants and offer a more economically democratic meeting.

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Planned Giving

Through planned giving, you can make a contribution which expands beyond the present, changes lives, and helps build a better society for generations to come. Members can use a variety of different planned options. The planned giving brochure describes the various options.

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