If you are visiting this page, you are probably considering donating to the Society. Thank you! You might want to also know a little more about the us. The Canadian Mathematical Society is a registered charity dedicated to advancing mathematics and mathematics education in Canada and addressing the needs of the mathematical community. The CMS depends on grants, funds, and generous donations from sponsors, benefactors and other members of the community to be able to carry out it activities.

The Canadian Mathematical Society had to change and readjust some of its programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the subsequent lockdowns and travel and health restrictions. While the pandemic has had dire impacts on certain aspects of the Society’s operation, staff, volunteers and board members sought opportunities for the chancee to adjust their vision, conceptualise new programs, and further embrace virtual opportunities that allows for a greater and more equitable participation.

Did you donate last year? Here are a few new things we did thanks to your generosity.


New Specialty Camps – Given the great success of last year’s Yukon camps for Northern and Indigenous students, this year, despite the pandemic, the math camp organisers were able to hold 4 camps in the Yukon, maintaining social distancing and meeting Yukon and Canada’s public health guidelines. All four camps were highly successful and provided an opportunity for students to engage with mathematics during lockdown. The CMS also organised a camp for children on the spectrum in Toronto this summer. Thanks to the organisers, this camp gave children on the spectrum an opportunity to show their interest with mathematics and socialise while many schools were on lockdown.


CMS All Girls Training Camp for IMO and EGMO Hopefuls – The CMS also held its first ever all girls’ training camp for advanced math students with potential to be selected for the EGMO and IMO teams. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the camp took place online with training from EGMO leader and deputy leader, Dorette Pronk and Diana Costaneda. We are hoping to hold these camps annually and in person, once life is back to normal.

A New Math Competition for Primary School Students – Many provinces were faced with widespread school closures and lock down measures as a consequence of the global pandemic. The CMS conceptualised an all new competition to engage elementary school students with mathematics in a fun and playful way. The competition was offered in both paper and virtual version to accommodate the needs of all students. We were blown away by the interest and the participation rate and will continue to offer this competition every year.

CMS Inclusion Initiative For Black and Indigenous Students – CMS has vowed to reaffirm its commitment to a future for the mathematical community where the voices of Black and Indigenous mathematicians and STEM professionals are better reflected. As part of CMS Closing the Gap Initiative, the Society invited Black and Indigenous students to participate in the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) and the Canadian Mathematical Gray Jay Competition (CMGC) at no cost. The Society also organised a series of webinars to address equity in mathematics and prepare students for these competitions.

CMS COVID-19 Research and Education Meeting – Following the cancellation of the 2020 CMS 75th anniversary Summer Meeting, the Society’s focus went into finding a way to address the concerns and anxieties of educators (both university and K-12) who had to change their teaching style and accept the caprices of online teaching. In the course of a few short and busy weeks, CMS staff and volunteers managed to organise a virtual meeting, a first for the CMS, to discuss research and education during the pandemic. The participation and discussions surpassed our expectations and some sessions will continue in the 2020 virtual Winter Meeting.


Red house on a mathematical backgroundAfter much deliberation, the CMS has decided that obtaining a residence is the soundest financial and social action for the Society to survive and thrive in the years to come. We invite members to donate generously towards this initiative in the years to come and help the Canadian Mathematical Community to obtain a permanent home. To donate, click here.


The CMS needs your generous donations this year more than ever to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic on its programming. Below are a few ways you can donate:

Donate through your member portal : You can log into your CMS portal to donate.

Donate online: you can donate directly through Canada Helps using the form below:

Does your employer offer a gift-matching program? If your employer is present on Benevity, you can search for our profile and donate there. If not, you can let your employer know of your donation and inquire about the procedures to follow. You can also present our cause to your colleague!

Planned Giving

Through planned giving, you can make a contribution which expands beyond the present, changes lives, and helps build a better society for generations to come. Members can use a variety of different planned options. The planned giving brochure describes the various options.

For further information, please contact the CMS Fundraising and Communications Officer at:

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