Information for Contributors

Submitting Solutions:

Crux Mathematicorum invites readers to submit all solutions using the online submission form. Solvers who submit correct solutions by the posted deadline for the problems are acknowledged in each issue. Please ensure that you select the proper submission type in your online form (e.g. “Olympiad Corner solution”).

Proposing New Problems:

Problem proposals can be submitted using the same online submission form. To check the current status of your proposal, please check the status page using the tracking number given in your confirmation email. Each problem proposal should be accompanied by a solution, or at least sufficient information to indicate that a solution is likely to be found. Please indicate any references or insights that might help the editor. Original problems are especially solicited. However, other interesting problems may be acceptable if they are not too well known and they are accompanied by appropriate references. Ordinarily, if the originator of a problem can be located, the originator’s permission should be obtained before the problem is submitted.

File Format:

We appreciate submissions including a PDF as well as LaTeX source files (.tex) and also accept files such as MS Word. Graphics, if included, should be in eps, svg, png, jpg or gif format. Each submission must be for a single solution (or proposed problem) – for example, do not solve 5 problems in the same PDF.

Feature Articles:

To submit articles for potential publication, please ensure they are carefully written, reasonably short, and expository in nature. When an article is accepted for publication, an author will be sent a “Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright” form, the return of which, duly completed, is a requirement for publication. Authors will be sent reprints in PDF format, if requested. To submit articles, please email the digital materials, attaching PDF, LaTeX and any necessary supporting files (such as diagrams) to

Book Reviews:

To submit a book for review, please contact the Crux Book Reviews Editor at