The Canadian Mathematical Society is committed to mathematics education in Canada. 

The CMS Education Committee is involved in a wide range of activities, from supporting mathematical education in secondary schools, universities, colleges and cegeps, to encouraging the public and young people to appreciate and engage with mathematics.  It wishes to highlight quality Mathematics Education resources available on the web with a particular interest in Canadian sites. 

Math Camps

Each summer, CMS math camps provide students with an interest in mathematics with a unique and unforgettable experience. The camps take place in universities and CEGEPs across Canada and range from day camps to week long events. Students who attend the camps leave with new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on mathematics.


Competitions are an important part of learning mathematics and a fun activity for students of all ages. The CMS supports math competitions in many ways, from running our own competitions, such as the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC), to funding regional competitions to supporting Canadian involvement in international competitions.


The CMS has two grant programs: the Math Competitions Grants to support Canadian mathematics competitions in elementary and secondary schools throughout Canada and the CMS Endowment Grants to fund projects and activities that support the CMS’ mission and is available to CMS members.

Additional Resources

Math at Work: Check out various career opportunities in Mathematics!

ATOM Booklets: a series of booklets with math problems for late high schools and undergraduate students.

Crux Mathematicorum: a problem solving and solutions online journal aimed at senior high school and undergraduate students, with a section on olympiad level problems and solutions!

CMS Student Committee (StudC): a committee to promote the engagement of post-secondary mathematics students with the Canadian mathematics community and especially with the CMS. 

Resources for Students: various educational links.

Resources for Teachers: various resources useful for teachers and other educators.