COMC 2023 Wrap Up

This year’s COMC was held on Thursday, October 26th in Canada and the Americas and on Friday, October 27th elsewhere in the world.

The official scores, awards and certificates have been released to teachers and independently-registered students through their Portal accounts.

Read our Media Release.

See the list of Award winners.


Teachers/organizations: Please log into your Portal account below to view your student’s results and get their official certificates.

Independent students: Your results and certificates are also available through your Portal account.

Prior to 2023, we had an older system.  It’s still online so schools wanting to access their historical information still can.


  • The new Portal system doesn’t have the old years’ data on it, but the old system is still running.  You can access the old portal here.
  • Remember: Teachers log into the old portal using their old school ID codes and their old passwords.  
  • One cannot register for new competitions using the old system.


In mathematical problem solving competitions, it is  normal for your score to be lower compared to a typical school exam due to the level of difficulty of the questions. The median scores are often well below half the maximum points available for the competition. This is the case for the 2023 COMC, so we suggest you compare yourself to your peers through percentiles rather than the maximum possible points. The following tables should give you a good indication of your score compared to your peers:

Grade Top Score /80 Top Decile /80 Top Quartile /80 Median Score /80
Canada Leaf 40.png 3-8 75 49 39 22
Canada Leaf 40.png 9 79 50 40 25
Canada Leaf 40.png 10 76 54 45 34
Canada Leaf 40.png 11 80 54 47 37
Canada Leaf 40.png 12/Cégep 80 55 47 37.5
Canada Leaf 40.png Canada 80 54 46 35
Earth 40.png Foreign 80 64 54 43
Overall 80 55 46.5 36

This year, a total of 8 students received a perfect 80/80 score.  Well done!

Invitational “cutoffs”:

Qualifying students whose official COMC scores were at least 69/80 were invited to the  following CMO.

Qualifying students whose official COMC scores were at least 64/80 but under 69/80 were invited to the following Repêchage.

What's Next?

Students who earned award cheques, prizes or portfolios will have these shipped to them via their teacher (or directly to their home addresses, if independently-registered).

Eligible students whose scores are high enough will also be sent emails inviting them to register for this year’s Canadian Mathematical Olympiad or the CMO Qualifying Repêchage.  See the Advancing tab for further information.

Try it!

2023 Problem Set:

Do you want to try the problems in this year’s competition?  Download the exam here.

Official Solutions:

Compare your answers to our Official Solutions.   Download the Official solutions here.


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