Date and Time

The 2022 COMC will be held on Thursday, October 27th in Canada and the Americas (anywhere in North/South American time zones), and on Friday, October 28th elsewhere in the world.

New for 2022: For those schools writing on Thursday, if your location is in the Eastern time zone or east of it, you will need to write the COMC in the afternoon, local time.  Those schools in time zones west of the Eastern time zone will write the COMC in the morning, local time.  For Canada, this means most of Ontario and east of Ontario writes in the afternoon, and Manitoba (and a bit of Ontario) westwards will write in the morning.

CMS Inclusion Initiative

The CMS is committed to contributing to a more inclusive environment in the mathematical community. Funding will be made available for students in Canada who identify as Black or Indigenous to participate in the 2022 COMC free of charge. For more information, please visit the CMS Inclusion Initiative page.

New for 2022: We are proud to have been able to provide funding in 2021 for a special Closing the Gap initiative for girls, however for 2022 we do not have the sponsorship for this initiative.


Normally, all registration is done by teachers or school staff through the Teachers’ Portal, which is where they also receive the results when marked.

School Registration

Registration for the COMC now open. The final registration deadline is Sunday, October 23rd. However, if you would like your exams printed as paper copies and shipped to you (rather than receiving them as emailed PDFs which you need to print locally), then the deadline is Thursday, Oct 13th.

Student Self-Registration

WARNING: This is only for those few students who need to participate but whose schools are not arranging their participation.

The CMS has arranged some in-person (not online or through Zoom) Open Writing Centres through our university partners. Space is limited and will likely fill up before the deadline of October 23rd. Spaces cannot be reserved except by paying the normal registration fee.  This is only available to students in Canada.

Paper exams - no online option this year

New for 2022: During the first years of the COVID pandemic, the CMS made arrangements to allow some use of “online” participation with Zoom (or similar) proctors.  This year, we are returning to all exams being written on paper by students under in-person supervision of a suitable proctor. 

Prices and Order Requirements

Prices are unchanged this year from 2021.  When placing orders, there is a minimum number of students per order, as indicated below.

Location Price per student Minimum Order size
In Canada $25.00 CAD 5
Outside of Canada $30.00 USD 8

Problem of the Week!

Each week before the COMC, we will post a sample problem to familiarize you with the kinds of questions you might find on a COMC exam. The solution is posted the following week when the next problem is posted. See the Problem of the Week page.