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The 2018 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge — Nov 8/9


The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) is Canada's premier national mathematics competition that is open to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math. The purpose of the COMC is to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about mathematics and problem solving. The competition serves to provide teachers with a unique student enrichment activity during the fall term.

Approximately the top 50 students from the COMC will be invited to write the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO). Students who excel in the CMO will have the opportunity to be selected as part of Math Team Canada -- a small team of students who travel to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Depending on grade level and performance, students participating in the COMC can also have opportunities to garner awards, to win prizes, to be considered for scholarships, and to get invited to camps.

Returning for 2018: Teacher Appreciation Prizes


The 2018 COMC will be held on Thursday, November 8th in Canada and the Americas (anywhere in North/South American time zones), and on Friday, November 9th elsewhere in the world.


Teachers can register their schools for the COMC by clicking the link below. Registration costs CAD$15.00 per student in Canada and USD$20 per student for international participants.

Don't postpone this!  The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 24th.

New for 2018 ⇒ Official participation in the COMC can lead to prize money, invitations to higher-level competitions with greater national or international prestige, and recognition by universities during admissions and scholarship considerations. Therefore, we are strengthening the requirements for organizations to receive and administer the COMC exams in an approved location. For most schools, this will mean no change, but for smaller independent organizations, this may mean you need to consider going to an Official Competition Writing Centre or writing the exam unofficially. More info is available here.

Problem of the Week!

During the weeks prior to the COMC competition, the CMS is happy to present our Problem of the Week (POTW). Please visit our POTW page for past problems and solutions. Here is the latest problem:

This week we will look at a geometry problem.

Let $ABC$ be an acute-angled triangle with $\angle B = \angle C$. Let $O$ be the circumcentre and let $H$ be the orthocentre of $\Delta ABC$. Prove that the centre of the circle $BOH$ lies on $AB$.

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