CJMC 2022

The affected schools from the CJMC server outage on November 17th should have all received an email regarding the situation. If you have not, please contact us at:

CJMC 2022

The CMS is proud to announce that more students and schools participated in the Canada Jay Competition this year than ever before! It was held on November 17th and 18th.

Congratulations to the 60 students who received a perfect score this year! Please see our Media Release for more.

Score Statistics

Grade Top Score /80 Top Decile /80 Top Quartile /80 Median Score /80
K-4 73 50 31 15
5 80 64 49 35
6 80 63 52 36
7 80 69 61 49
8 80 73 63 45
Overall 80 68 60 45

What to Expect Next

January: Special certificates for top students and their schools will be created and mailed out by post.

Official Solutions

The Official Solutions for the 2022 CJMC are now available to download. If you would like to try the problems, you can download the Problem Booklet here.

CMS Inclusion Initiative: Closing the Gap

CMS is firmly committed to a future for the mathematical community where the voices of Black and Indigenous mathematicians and STEM professionals are better reflected.
As part of the CMS Inclusion Initiative, the Society invited Black and Indigenous students to participate in the 2022 Canada Jay Mathematical Competition at no cost through their schools.

All official and temporarily official schools should have their exam materials. Please contact the CMS if you do not. 

For schools expecting PDF materials:
Official schools will be emailed the needed materials Tuesday morning. If you do not get them Tuesday morning, please contact us. 
Temporarily official schools will email the materials to the designated proctor.
Unofficial schools will get their exam materials Tuesday, but the questions won’t arrive until Thursday morning in a separate email. 

For those expecting emailed materials, please be sure to check your Junk Folder for the exam material. 

For self-Registered students booked for in-person Open Writing Centre: on Tuesday, November 15th you will receive an email with final details on the location, rules, and contact information for your proctor in case you need to cancel or make any special arrangements.
For self-Registered students booked for online Open Writing Centre: on Tuesday, November 15th you will receive an email with final details about how to connect to Zoom with our proctor and when.

For schools using the Online exam format:
You now have access to your Access Key Codes for you and your students through your Teacher Portal. Please click here for a detailed online proctor instruction video. 

Date and Time

The 2022 CJMC was held on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in North and South America and on Friday, November 18, 2022 in the rest of the world.

CMS Inclusion Initiative

The CMS is committed to contributing to a more inclusive environment in the mathematical community. Funding will be made available for students in Canada who identify as Black or Indigenous to participate in the 2022 CJMC free of charge. For more information, please visit the CMS Inclusion Initiative page.

Teacher's Portal

Normally, all registration is done by teachers or school staff through the Teachers’ Portal, which is where they also receive the results when markedStudents do not normally register themselves.

Teacher's Portal

If you have not submitted your final payment, please do so using the Teachers’ Portal.

Student Self-Registration

This is only for students in Canada whose schools are not participating with a teacher/coordinator.

If you are a student in Canada whose school is not organizing participation in the CJMC but you still want to participate as an individual, you might be able to do so through one of our Open Writing Centres, operated by our partner universities.  They can proctor you through zoom or a similar tool.  There are limited spaces that will likely fill up before the November 13th deadline. These spaces are only reserved for those students who have registered and paid using the Self-Registration form below. 

Note: The CMS Inclusion Initiative is intended for school registrations only and is not available to self-registered students.

Format: Online or On Paper

As in 2021, the CMS is offering the CJMC this year as an online exam (students interact directly with our website as they solve the problems), but we also offer the option for it to be done on paper.  In both cases, the exam is to be written under proctor supervision.

The online version is the most commonly selected version. Teachers/proctors monitor students as they connect to our testing site using their devices.  You can read our detailed instructions and video about the CJMC Online Proctoring.

For the paper version, the CMS either prints and couriers the exam papers to the proctor/teacher, or emails it to them to be printed locally at the school.  After the exam period ends, the proctor packages the exams up and sends them by courier to a specified address.  For schools in Canada, the courier is pre-arranged for Nov 18th and pre-paid by the CMS.  Non-Canadian schools must pay their own courier fees.

Prices and Order Sizes

Prices are unchanged this year from 2021.  When placing orders, there is a minimum number of students per order, as indicated below.

Schools in Canada Price per student Minimum Order size
Online version $10CAD 3
Paper version $12CAD 5
Schools OUTSIDE Canada Price per student Minimum Order size
Online version $15USD 5
Paper version $17USD 10


We understand you may have questions, please refer to our FAQ page. If your question is not answered there, please contact