Prizes and Awards

Only official participants, as defined above, are eligible for awards.

There are two divisions: the Canadian Division, which is only for participants writing the exam from within Canada (or Canadian citizens or permanent residents writing outside Canada); and the International Division, which is only for non-Canadian participants writing the competition outside of Canada.

The awards in the Canadian Division are based on best in Canada, best in province, best in region, and best in each grade (best in grade 8, best in grade 7, etc.). The top official participants from outside of Canada (and who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents) are considered for the International Division awards, which are not grade-dependent or region-dependent.

Awards are not offered where participation rates are very low or where scores are below the cutoff scores. All participants will be awarded a participation certificate.



  • The top score in a division receives Gold.


  • The second highest score in a division receives Silver.


  • The third highest score in a division receives Bronze.

If a tie score occurs for gold, silver or bronze, multiple awards are given.

Honorable Mentions

  • The fourth, fifth and sixth highest scores in a division are given an Honorable Mention with all tying students listed equally. 
  • Please note: This list of honorees is alphabetical, not listed by order of score.


  • Certificates list the awards earned in any/all divisions
  • If the student did not earn Gold/Silver/Bronze/HM in any division at all, the student gets: (a) a Performance with Distinction certificate if in the top quartile, (b) a Performance with Honors certificate if in the second quartile, (c) or a Participation certificate