The Canada Jay online platform is web browser-based. 
The supervising proctor and each student will require a tablet or a laptop/desktop computer.

Orientation Video

We have created a detailed orientation video to show you how proctors prepare and perform an in-person session with their students in a classroom. 

Note: the video below was created before we changed the name to “Canada Jay Mathematical Competition” (CJMC), however the procedures and information remains correct.

Remote Proctoring

If you are proctoring remotely (via the internet), then it is your responsibility to maintain suitable monitoring of your student during the exam (this is typically with Zoom or similar product) – CMS cannot assist you in that.

Access Keys and Codes

Teachers get the Access Keys and Codes for themselves and their students through the Teacher Portal (where you ordered your exams).  If you are a lead teacher with several proctors, you will want to collect your school’s Keys and Codes and divide them up for your proctors, as you see in the video.

The Keys and Codes will be available on your teacher portal by the Monday before the competition.