CMGC 2021

The 2021 Canadian Mathematical Gray Jay Competition (CMGC) held on November 18th and 19th, 2021.

The CMGC was renamed in 2022 to the Canada Jay Mathematics Competition (CJMC).


All official marks, awards and certificates for the 2021 Canadian Mathematical Gray Jay Competition (CMGC) have now been released! 

Award winners for all the regions and grades are linked below. Teachers can access all their students’ scores, percentiles and downloadable certificates by logging into the teacher portal.


The median score for the 2021 competition was 45/80 with a top quartile score of 60/80.

Here are the grade-specific medians in the Canadian division:

  • grade 4 or lower: 33
  • grade 5: 31
  • grade 6: 36.5
  • grade 7: 44
  • grade 8: 47

Official Media Release

Problems and Solutions

CMS Inclusion Initiative

Thanks to the financial support of the Actuarial Foundation of Canada and the RBC Future Launch program, the Canadian Mathematical Society was able to offer free registration to Black and Indigenous students as well as to a number of female-identifying students.

The CMS is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in mathematics and encourages teachers to inform their students of this initiative.


…and this includes one student in grade 4 and three students in grade 5!

Here is an alphabetic list of these winners:

Romina Afshar – Rooyesh Andishmand Farda(MathHome of Tehran) (Iran)
Tristan Ammar – Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Kanata, ON)
Aaron Bai – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Colin Cai – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Lucas Chavez Mocan – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Andrew Chen – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Kaiyue Chen – MathsRFun (New Zealand)
Kexu Chen – MathsRFun (New Zealand)
Vincent Chen – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Zhicheng Cui – ASDAN China (China)
Perry Dai – University of Toronto Schools (Toronto, ON)
Michael Deng – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Lucy Evedzi – Spirit of Math Newmarket (Newmarket, ON)
Aaron Fei – University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)
Ethan Feng – MathsRFun (New Zealand)
Emma Fung – Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd. (Maple, ON, ON)
Yulin Gao – ASDAN China (China)
Bill Gu – Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School (Calgary, AB)
Brian Guo – St. John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake (Shawnigan Lake, BC)
Johnathan Han – University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, NB)
Xuqian Ben Han – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Justus Heibutzki – Asia Maths Alliance (Singapore)
Zachary Himyary – Cedarview Middle School (Nepean, ON)
Connor Hu-Wen – MathsRFun (New Zealand)
Youhao Huang – ASDAN China (China)
Zhoutian Huang – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Reynard Jamjan – Simetri (Indonesia)
Haolan Jia – ASDAN China (China)
Michael Jiang – Asia Maths Alliance (Singapore)
Samuel Khosla – Astolot Educational Centre (Ottawa, ON)
Siddharth Kumar Gopal – Transitions Lab (India)
Jiahan Lai – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Samuel Lam – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Anton Lazarchyk – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Gabrielle Frances Lee – Simetri (Indonesia)
Hau Yin Lee – Pui Ching Middle School (Hong Kong, China)
Tony Leo – MathsRFun (New Zealand)
Elaine Li – University of Toronto Schools (Toronto, ON)
Ryan Li – University of Toronto Schools (Toronto, ON)
Tracy Li – Outlook Club (Saskatoon, SK)
Xin Ze Li – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Yucong Li – ASDAN China (China)
King Yin Oscar Lin – Pui Ching Middle School (Hong Kong, China)
Sophia Liu – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
HongYu Lu – ASDAN China (China)
Isaac Lu – Ivy Path School (Toronto, ON)
Ryan Luo – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Ziyan M Eng – ASDAN China (China)
Jiaxuan Mao – ASDAN China (China)
Patricia Mao – ICAE (United States)
Yansheng Mao – University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)
Jessica Pu – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Jingkun Pu – Ivy Path School (Toronto, ON)
Liubai Qian – ASDAN China (China)
Michael Qu – Cedarview Middle School (Nepean, ON)
Mark Raspopov – University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)
Alexandra Reeves – University of Toronto Schools (Toronto, ON)
Tin Yu Shum – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Brianna Si – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Daksh Srivastava – Ontario CMS Writing Centre (Ontario, ON)
Michael Sun – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Tingxin Sun – ASDAN China (China)
Yong Xin, Jeryoan Tan – Asia Maths Alliance (Singapore)
Emil Wang – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Ethan Wang – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Charlotte Sze Wai Wong – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Chun Chi Wong – ASDAN China (China)
Michael Wu – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Pengcheng Xia – ASDAN China (China)
Xuhe Xiao – ASDAN China (China)
Ruichen Xu – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Tianhong Xu – Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School (Calgary, AB)
Edward Xue – Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School (Calgary, AB)
JinYu Yang – ASDAN China (China)
Kairan Yao – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Grace Ye – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Kaylee Yu – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Jenny Yuan – Cedarview Middle School (Nepean, ON)
Alexander Zhang – Olympiads School (North York, ON)
Kaylyn Zhang – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Kenny Zhang – TTMath School (Markham, ON)
Leonardo Zhou – Rootofmath Academy (Coquitlam, BC)
Kevin Han Zongrun Han – Magic Square (Hong Kong)
Симеон Сиромахов – High School of Math and Sciences Acad. Nikola Obreshkov (Bulgaria)
Qi Xuan Ding – Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School (Calgary, AB)