Nomination Information

The Coxeter-James Prize recognizes young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. It is awarded on an annual basis.  The selected candidate will deliver the prize lecture at the Winter Meeting. 

Nominations are solicited the prior year, typically from early March to the end of September.

Nominations are currently welcomed for the 2025 Coxeter-James Prize.

Deadline: September 30

The recipient shall be a member of the Canadian mathematical community. Nominations may be made up to ten years from the candidate’s Ph.D: researchers having their Ph.D degrees conferred within the past ten years (e.g.: degree in 2009 or later would be eligible for nomination in 2019 for the 2020 Prize). Where eligible leaves of absence may warrant, nominations may be made more than ten years from the candidate’s Ph.D. Such exceptions should be clearly addressed by the nominators. A nomination can be updated and will remain active for a second year unless the original nomination is made in the tenth year from the candidate’s Ph.D.

CMS aims to promote and celebrate diversity in the broadest sense. We strongly encourage department chairs and nominating committees to put forward nominations for outstanding colleagues for research in the mathematical sciences regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. A candidate can be nominated for more than one research prize in the applicable categories; several candidates from the same institution can be nominated for the same research prize.

All CMS research prizes (the Coxeter-James Prize, the Jeffery-Williams Prize and the Doctoral Prize) are gender-neutral, except for the Krieger-Nelson Prize, which is awarded to women and female-identifying mathematicians only. Nominations of eligible women and female-identifying mathematicians for general research prizes in addition to the Krieger-Nelson Prize are strongly encouraged.

The Research Committee of the CMS reserves the right to consider a nomination for one of the three research prizes for any other, applicable prize.

Nominations and reference letters should be submitted electronically, preferably in PDF format, by the appropriate deadline, to

Nominators should ask at least three referees to submit letters directly to the CMS (same email address) by the deadline. Some arms length referees are strongly encouraged. Nomination letters should list the chosen referees, and should include a recent curriculum vitae for the nominee, if available.