Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership in the Society permits an individual who is at least 50 years old to receive the full benefits of membership permanently, without need for renewal. The cost of membership depends upon your age at the time of enrollment in the lifetime membership. Payment can be made all at once or with four equal annual payments.

2024 Lifetime Membership Rates

Age at time of enrollment      Total
50 to 54     $ 4,250.00          $ 1,062.50 x 4
55 to 59     $ 3,500.00          $ 875.00 x 4
60 to 64     $ 2,750.00          $ 687.50 x 4
65 to 69     $ 2,000.00          $ 500.00 x 4
70 and older     $ 1,250.00          $ 312.50 x 4

Note: You must provide proof of your date of birth at the time of application.

Tax Deductions

A membership receipt will be issued and may be claimed on your Canadian tax return as professional fees. A separate income tax receipt is issued for added donations of $10 or more, and may be claimed on your Canadian tax return as charitable donations.

Become a lifetime member

For more information on CMS membership, please contact the CMS Membership Department at