ATOM Volume XVII : Mathematical Logic Puzzles on a Grid (Coming Soon!)

This book is intended to introduce secondary students to the joys of logical reasoning by way of puzzles. The four types of puzzles described herein have been successfully shared with people from ages 12 to 90. The hope is that students, teachers, and any curious puzzle enthusiasts will find the collection accessible, enjoyable, and a … Read more

ATOM Volume I: Mathematical Olympiads’ Correspondence Program (1995-1996)

This volume contains the problems and solutions from the 1995-1996 Mathematical Olympiads’ Correspondence Program. This program has several purposes. It provides students with practice at solving and writing up solutions to Olympiad-level problems, it helps to prepare student for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad and it is a partial criterion for the selection of the Canadian … Read more

ATOM Volume II: Algebra – Intermediate Methods

This volume contains a selection of some of the basic algebra that is useful in solving problems at the senior high school level. Many of the problems in the booklet admit several approaches. Some worked examples are shown, but most are left to the ingenuity of the reader.