ATOM Volume III: Problems for Mathematical Leagues

This volume contains a selection of some of the problems that have been used in the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Mathematics League, which is sponsored the the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association Mathematics Special Interest Council. The support of many teachers and schools is gratefully acknowledged. We also acknowledge with thanks the assistance from the … Read more

ATOM Volume IV: Inequalities

This volume contains most of the inequalities that are useful in solving problems. Many inequality problems admit several approaches. Some solutions are given, but other problems are left to the reader.

ATOM Volume V: Combinatorial Explorations

Mathematical games, puzzles, and contest problems invite a playful spirit of exploration. Quite often, these entertaining and challenging problems are drawn from the fascinating mathematical realm of Combinatorics. This volume is designed to engage those who enjoy playing with mathematics, whether they be teachers, students, or armchair mathematical enthusiasts. Combinatorial Explorations contains an introduction to … Read more