Media Release – September 29, 2022
Canadian Mathematical Society

A Statement from the CMS Regarding the Situation in Iran

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) wishes to express its solidarity with Iranian women and minorities amidst the crisis in Iran. The violent crackdowns on civilians and peaceful student protesters are a reprehensible violation of human rights and are a symptom of the country’s longstanding discriminatory policies and practices. The CMS commends the courage of those who are peacefully protesting in support of Women’s and Minority Rights.

A statement has been shared by the President of the CMS on the matter:

I weep for the students and professors in Iran who have been injured and killed. At the same time, I admire the bravery and courage of those who are standing against further repression. My friend and colleague Javad Mashreghi has written an eloquent letter on their struggle, a letter which I fully support.

To learn more about the injustices being suffered by Women and Minorities in Iran and their effects on the mathematical community, please see the open letter to the scientific community written by the Past President of the CMS, Dr. Javad Mashreghi. The letter can be viewed and downloaded here.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. David Pike
Canadian Mathematical Society