Media Release – March 23, 2021
Canadian Mathematical Society

A Message from CMS President Concerning Anti-Asian Racism

The Canadian Mathematical Community is concerned by the rise of racist violence and attacks against the Asian individuals and individuals of Asian descent, the most violent manifestation of which was the recent mass shootings in Atlanta which led to the killing of eight human beings, including six Asian women. We feel it is our moral and ethical obligation to stand up to this violence and denounce all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination. The Canadian Mathematical Society’s goal is to work towards a harmonious community which respects human dignity of all.

The CMS acknowledges that the scientific community has benefited from the contribution of many Asian and Asian-Canadian members and that our Society is richer and better as a result of their presence and their knowledge. We would like to reassure our Asian and Asian-Canadian members of our commitment to justice, equity and anti-racism and urge all members, educators, researchers, and students alike, to join us in condemning all forms of anti-Asian hate, violence and discrimination.

Dr. Javad Mashreghi (Laval)
President, Canadian Society of Mathematics