CMO/CJMO Operational Process

The following table describes the usual process of communication and coordination between CMS, the Student and the Proctor. 
Time flows downwards.

Phase CMS does... Student does... Proctor does...
Preparation Sends invitation to student with instructions. Reads information, decides to participate.
Finds a suitable teacher or school administrator willing to be the proctor. Agrees with student to proctor.
Registers using the Student Registration form. Registers through Proctor Registration form.
Agrees with Proctor on location. Determines suitable location.
Adds student to participant list. Verifies the proctor chosen is acceptable.
Emails the Student Work Booklet to the Proctor. Also provides link for where to download the Problems on competition day. Receives Booklet. Prints it in preparation.
Exam Day Posts the Problem Set (PDF file containing the problems) on the website for the Proctor. Uses the Download link 15 minutes prior to start of Exam to get PDF of official Problems. Prints PDF problems immediately.
At the scheduled start time, gives the student both the Problem Set and the Student Work Booklet. May also provide scrap paper, but it won't be marked.
Student writes the competition, writing solutions in the Booklet. Proctor monitors the student throughout.
Student hands in the Booklet to the Proctor. Student can keep the Problem Set. Proctor receives the Work Booklet from the student.
Uses a scanner (preferably) or camera to capture each individual page of Student Booklet. Saves to PDF (preferably).
Uploads the scans to CMS for marking and confirms that the student was supervised and followed the rules. Proctor keeps the original student work until CMS confirms receipt.
Following day Receives the scans from the Proctor. Verifies they are complete and legible.
Emails student and proctor to acknowledge receipt of student's work. Proctor may (if desired) give the original exam back to the student.
During March/April Marks the exam for all participants. Determines results.
Emails the student and proctor to advise them of the results.