Nomination Information

Nominations are currently closed.
Nominations for the Adrien Pouliot Award 2025 will be accepted beginning January 1.

Nominations of individuals or teams of individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions to mathematics education in Canada are solicited. Such contributions are to be interpreted in the broadest possible sense and might include: community outreach programs, the development of a new program in either an academic or industrial setting, publicizing mathematics so as to make mathematics accessible to the general public, developing mathematics displays, establishing and supporting mathematics conferences and competitions for students, etc.

CMS aims to promote and celebrate diversity in the broadest sense. We strongly encourage department chairs and nominating committees to put forward nominations for outstanding colleagues regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Nominations must be received by the CMS Office no later than the deadline indicated above.

Please submit your nomination electronically, preferably in PDF format, to

Nomination Requirements

  • Include contact information for both nominee and nominator.
  • Describe the nominated individual’s or team’s sustained contributions to mathematics education. This description should provide some indication of the time period over which these activities have been undertaken and some evidence of the success of these contributions. This information must not exceed four pages.
  • Two letters of support from individuals other than the nominator should be included with the nomination.
  • Curricula vitae should not be submitted since the information from them relevant to contributions to mathematics education should be included in the nomination letter and the other documents mentioned above.
  • If nomination was made in the previous year, please indicate this.
  • Members of the CMS Education Committee will not be considered for the award during their tenure on the committee.


A nomination will remain active for three (3) years, with the possibility to update.  In this case, only updating materials need be provided as the original nomination has been retained.