2021 Election Results

June 14, 2021

As a result of the 2021 CMS Election that took place in April/May and approved at the CMS Annual General Meeting that was held on June 11, 2021, the following eleven (11) officers and directors have been elected to the CMS Board of Directors and Executive:

CMS Executive Committee:

  • President-Elect/President/Past-President:  David Pike (Memorial);
  • Vice-President – Atlantic:  Tim Alderson (UNB-Saint John); and
  • Vice-President – Pacific:  Liam Watson (UBC-Vancouver).

CMS Board of Directors:

  • Director – Atlantic:  Mikhail Kotchetov (Memorial);
  • Director – Quebec:  Damir Kinzebulatov (Laval);
  • Director – Ontario: Anthony Bonato (Ryerson);
  • Director – Ontario: Spiro Karigiannis (Waterloo);
  • Director – West: Joy Morris (Lethbridge);
  • Director – Pacific:  Gary MacGillivray (Victoria);
  • Director – Pacific: Nilima Nigam (Simon Fraser); and
  • Director – Student:  Genevieve Maaloof (McMaster).

The CMS would like to thank all members who voted in this election.

Alexandre Girouard
Chair, Nominating Committee

May 5, 2021

Please note that the 2021 CMS Election is now closed.  The results will be formally approved at the CMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 11, 2021 being held virtually. The results will be announced shortly after approval. Thank you to all those who participated in the 2021 CMS election.

Alexandre Girouard
Chair, CMS Nominating Committee

March 25, 2021


The CMS will be electing 11 officers and directors and the Nominating Committee wishes to announce the list of candidates for the 2021 elections.

Executive Committee

The following candidates have been nominated to the Executive Committee for four-year terms, except the President-Elect/President/Past-President, which is a combined four-year term:

Board of Directors

In addition to the candidates nominated to the Board as members of the Executive Committee, the following candidates have been nominated as directors:

Atlantic Region (1 vacancy for a four-year term)

Quebec Region (1 vacancy for a four-year term)

Ontario Region (2 vacancies for four-year terms)

West Region (1 vacancy for a four-year term)

Pacific Region (2 vacancies for four-year terms)

Student Director (1 vacancy for a two-year term)

For biographical information on each candidate, please click on the names above.

Your personalized election instructions will be emailed to you on Tuesday, April 6 and voting will be open for four (4) weeks until midnight, Tuesday, May 4.  Election results will be reported during the CMS Annual General Meeting being held virtually on Friday, June 11, from 14:00 -15:00 as part of the 2021 CMS Summer Meeting.    

A list of current Board members with their respective terms is found here.

Alexandre Girouard
Chair, CMS Nominating Committee


December 1, 2020


In 2021, the CMS will be electing eleven (11) officers and directors. Candidates have to agree to the nomination and provide the committee with biographical information.

You are invited to nominate members to be candidates and their nominations will be accepted by the Nominating Committee prior to March 1, 2021 provided that each person nominated: (i) is supported in writing by at least five (5) other members of the CMS; and (ii) has given written acceptance to stand for office and to supply biographical information.

Nominations with supporting materials should be e-mailed to nominations-2021@cms.math.ca or sent to:

Nominating Committee Chair
Canadian Mathematical Society
209 – 1725 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON  K1G 3V4  Canada

Nominations are being solicited for the following slate of candidates for the Executive Committee (length of elected term in parentheses):

  • President-Elect (1 year)/President (2 years)/Past-President (1 year);
  • Vice-President – Atlantic (N.B., P.E.I., N.S., N.L.) (4 years);
  • Vice-President – Pacific (B.C., Yukon) (4 years).

Nominations are also being solicited for Board of Directors members (length of elected term in parentheses):

  • Atlantic – 1 member (4 years);
  • Quebec – 1 member (4 years);
  • Ontario – 2 members (4 years);
  • West – 1 member (4 years);
  • Pacific – 2 members (4 years); and
  • Student – 1 member (2 years).

For 2021, the CMS will hold the election electronically in April and the results formally approved in June at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa, Ontario. Updated information will be periodically e-mailed to members and posted on this webpage.

Alexandre Girouard
Chair, CMS Nominating Committee