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Volume 48 (2005)
  Quantum Ergodicity of Boundary Values of Eigenfunctions: A Control Theory Approach
Burq, N.
16   On the Surjectivity of the Galois Representations Associated to Non-CM Elliptic Curves
Cojocaru, Alina Carmen
32   Non-Left-Orderable 3-Manifold Groups
Dąbkowski, Mieczysław K.; Przytycki, Józef H.; Togha, Amir A.
41   Degree Homogeneous Subgroups
Dixon, John D.; Barghi, A. Rahnamai
50   Injectivity of the Connecting Maps in AH Inductive Limit Systems
Elliott, George A.; Gong, Guihua; Li, Liangqing
69   Biorthogonal Systems in Weakly Lindelöf Spaces
Fabian, M.; Montesinos, V.; Zizler, V.
80   Trivial Units for Group Rings with $G$-adapted Coefficient Rings
Herman, Allen; Li, Yuanlin; Parmenter, M. M.
90   Products of Conjugacy Classes in $SU(2)$
Jeffrey, Lisa C.; Mare, Augustin-Liviu
97   On the Ranges of Bimodule Projections
Katavolos, Aristides; Paulsen, Vern I.
112   On Negatively Curved Finsler Manifolds of Scalar Curvature
Mo, Xiaohuan; Shen, Zhongmin
121   Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Central Norm to Equal $2^h$ in the Simple Continued Fraction Expansion of $\sqrt{2^hc}$ for Any Odd $c>1$
Mollin, R. A.
133   Estimates of Henstock-Kurzweil Poisson Integrals
Talvila, Erik
147   Baker-Type Estimates for Linear Forms in the Values of $q$-Series
Väänänen, Keijo; Zudilin, Wadim
161   Hankel Convolution Operators on Spaces of Entire Functions of Finite Order
Betancor, Jorge J.
175   Weighted Convolution Operators on $\ell_p$
Borwein, David; Kratz, Werner
180   Geometry and Arithmetic of Certain Double Octic Calabi--Yau Manifolds
Cynk, Sławomir; Meyer, Christian
195   On Suslinian Continua
Daniel, D.; Nikiel, J.; Treybig, L. B.; Tuncali, H. M.; Tymchatyn, E. D.
203   Non-Cohen--Macaulay Projective Monomial Curves with Positive ${h}$-Vector
de Quehen, Victoria E.; Roberts, Leslie G.
211   The Distribution of Totatives
Germain, Jam
221   An Elementary Proof of Suslin Reciprocity
Kerr, Matt
237   Indecomposable Higher Chow Cycles
Kimura, Kenichiro
244   Counting Multiple Cyclic Choices Without Adjacencies
McLeod, Alice; Moser, William
251   The Index Theory Associated to a Non-Finite Trace on a $C^\ast$-Algebra
Murphy, G. J.
260   A Restriction Theorem for a \\$k$-Surface in $\mathbb R ^n$
Oberlin, Daniel M.
267   Continuous Adjacency Preserving Maps on Real Matrices
Rodman, Leiba; Šemrl, Peter; Sourour, Ahmed R.
275   Krull Dimension of Injective Modules Over Commutative Noetherian Rings
Smith, Patrick F.
283   Enlarged Inclusion of Subdifferentials
Thibault, Lionel; Zagrodny, Dariusz
302   Discrete Sets and Associated Dynamical\\ Systems in a Non-Commutative Setting
Yokonuma, Takeo
317   On Pseudo-Frobenius Rings
Yousif, Mohamed F.; Zhou, Yiqiang; Zeyada, Nasr
321   On Non-Vanishing of Convolution of Dirichlet Series
Akbary, Amir; Shahabi, Shahab
333   Monotonicity Properties of the Hurwitz Zeta Function
Alzer, Horst
340   Short Geodesics of Unitaries in the $L^2$ Metric
Andruchow, Esteban
355   On Maps Preserving Products
Chebotar, M. A.; Ke, W.-F.; Lee, P.-H.; Shiao, L.-S.
370   Trigonometric Multipliers on $H_{2\pi}$
Daly, J. E.; Fridli, S.
382   Uniform Estimates of Ultraspherical Polynomials of Large Order
De Carli, Laura
394   Diagonal Plus Tridiagonal Representatives for Symplectic Congruence Classes of Symmetric Matrices
Đoković, D. Ž.; Szechtman, F.; Zhao, K.
405   Liouville's Theorem in the Radially Symmetric Case
Froese, Richard
409   The Existence of Universal Inner Functions on the Unit Ball of $\mathbb{C}^n$
Gauthier, P. M.; Xiao, J.
414   Vector Fields and the Cohomology Ring of Toric Varieties
Kaveh, Kiumars
428   Reduction of Elliptic Curves in Equal Characteristic~3 (and~2)
Miyamoto, Roland; Top, Jaap
445   On the Garsia Lie Idempotent
Patras, Frédéric; Reutenauer, Christophe; Schocker, Manfred
455   On Gâteaux Differentiability of Convex Functions in WCG Spaces
Rychtář, Jan
460   $B$-Stable Ideals in the Nilradical of a Borel Subalgebra
Sommers, Eric N.
473   Logarithms and the Topology of the Complement of a Hypersurface
Zeron, E. S.
481   Exact Filling of Figures with the Derivatives of Smooth Mappings Between Banach Spaces
Azagra, D.; Fabian, M.; Jiménez-Sevilla, M.
500   Extension of Holomorphic Functions From One Side of a Hypersurface
Baracco, Luca
505   On the Generalized d'Alembert's and Wilson's Functional Equations on a Compact group
Bouikhalene, Belaid
523   Angle Measures and Bisectors in Minkowski Planes
Düvelmeyer, Nico
535   On the Error Term in Duke's Estimate for the Average Special Value of $L$-Functions
Ellenberg, Jordan S.
547   Degeneracy of 2-Forms and 3-Forms
Fehér, L. M.; Némethi, A.; Rimányi, R.
561   A Note on Lagrangian Loci of Quotients
Foth, Philip
576   On a Theorem of Kawamoto on Normal Bases of Rings of Integers, II
Ichimura, Humio
580   Exceptional Sets in Hartogs Domains
Kot, Piotr
587   Separation of Variables for $U_{q}(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})^{+}$
Lopes, Samuel A.
601   On the Regularity of the $s$-Differential Metric
Mashreghi, Javad; Pouryayevali, Mohamad R.
607   Toeplitz Algebras and Extensions of\\Irrational Rotation Algebras
Park, Efton
614   On Finite-to-One Maps
Tuncali, H. Murat; Valov, Vesko
622   Hyperplanes of the Form ${f_1(x,y)z_1+\dots+f_k(x,y)z_k+g(x,y)}$ Are Variables
Vénéreau, Stéphane
636   Correction to: On the Diophantine Equation $n(n+d)\cdots(n+(k-1)d)=by^l$
Győry, K.; Hajdu, L.; Saradha, N.
637   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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