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The Canadian Mathematical Society promotes the advancement, discovery, learning and application of mathematics in Canada.

2016 CMS Math T-Shirt Design Contest
2016 CMS Math
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Registration opens today for Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) (Sep 1)
Registration for the CMS’s largest math competition, the Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC), starts today. 2015 marks the 20th year of the Canada's premier national mathematics competition. The COMC is open to any student with an interest in mathematics and encourages students to explore, discover and learn more about mathematics and problem solving. For more information, please visit More 

Renew your CMS membership today! (Aug 28)
The CMS recognizes the important role members play in strengthening the Canadian mathematics community and relies on the continued support of its members. Members help support CMS programs and activities, including meetings, math camps, national prizes and awards, competitions, such as the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and publications. Renew your membership online by clicking more. More 

The CMS Math T-shirt Design Contest is back for 2016 (Aug 27)
The CMS invites students to submit a design for the 2016 Canada Math T-shirt Design Contest. The contest is open to elementary and high school students and runs from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31. The winning designs will be featured on over 1,000 T-shirts and other CMS promotional items. For more information and full contest guidelines, please visit More 

Adrien Pouliot Award recognizes contribution to Aboriginal mathematics education (Aug 20)
Mark Mac Lean (University of British Columbia) is the recipient of the 2015 Adrien Pouliot Award for his excellence in teaching and contributions to mathematics education in Canada, particularly Aboriginal education. He has worked with the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) on several Aboriginal mathematics education projects, including workshops for teachers. More 

Philippe Gille receives the 2015 G. de B. Robinson Award (Aug 10)
Philippe Gille is the recipient of the 2015 G. de B. Robinson Award for his paper Octonion algebras over rings are not determined by their norms (Canad. Math. Bull. Vol. 57 (2), 2014 pp. 303–309). The award is given out to recognize outstanding contributions to the Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) or the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB). Gille’s paper is an example of how powerful abstract techniques in one area of mathematics can be used to decisively settle long-standing problems in another area. More 

Math Team Canada’s achievements celebrated across Canada (Jul 29)
Math Team Canada’s incredible ninth place finish and Alex Song’s top ranking at the IMO has received a lot of attention in the media this week. The story has gained traction in media outlets and on social media. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and NDP Leader Tom Muclair were two of the many people to offer their congratulations to Alex via Twitter. The CMS has staged Canadian participation in the IMO since 1981 and is one of the many programs that helps promotes the advancement, discovery, learning and application of mathematics in Canada. More 


Call for Nominations: CJM/CMB Associate Editors
Deadline: Nov 15, 2015
The Publications Committee of the CMS solicits nominations for five Associate Editors for the CJM and the CMB. The appointments will be for five years beginning January 1, 2016. More   

Call For Proposals: 2016 Math Competition Grants
Deadline: Nov. 15, 2015
The CMS is now accepting applications for the 2016 Math Competition Grants. The Math Competition Grants are open to contests of different kinds at the school level. More  

Call for Nominations - CMS Excellence in Teaching Award
Deadline: November 15, 2015
The CMS invites nominations for the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award. The award focuses on the recipient's proven excellence as a teacher at the undergraduate level as exemplified by unusual effectiveness in the classroom and/or commitment and dedication to teaching and to students. More  

Call for Nominations - David Borwein Distinguished Career Award
Deadline: November 15, 2015
The CMS invites nominations for the 2016 David Borwein Distinguished Career Award. The award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional, broad, and continued contributions to Canadian mathematics. More  

Call for Nominations - Doctoral Prize
Deadline: January 31, 2016
The CMS invites nominations for the 2016 Doctoral Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding performance by a doctoral student who graduated from a Canadian university in the preceding year (January 1st to December 31st). More  

Call for Manuscripts - ATOM
The CMS publication A Taste of Mathematics (ATOM) is a series of booklets designed as enrichment material for high school students. More   

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