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Volume 43 (2000)
  Resolutions of Associative and Lie Algebras
Adin, Ron; Blanc, David
17   Multilinear Proofs for Convolution Estimates for Degenerate Plane Curves
Bak, Jong-Guk
21   The Commutant of an Abstract Backward Shift
Barnes, Bruce A.
25   Subdifferential Regularity of Directionally Lipschitzian Functions
Bounkhel, M.; Thibault, L.
37   Multiplicative Structure of the Ring $K \bigl( S(T^*\R P^{2n+1}) \bigr)$
Bousaidi, M. A.
47   A Property of Lie Group Orbits
Božičević, Mladen
51   Eigenfunction Decay For the Neumann Laplacian on Horn-Like Domains
Edward, Julian
60   Trivial Units in Group Rings
Farkas, Daniel R.; Linnell, Peter A.
63   Sharpness Results and Knapp's Homogeneity Argument
Iosevich, Alex; Lu, Guozhen
69   Type II Spectral Flow and the Eta Invariant
Kaminker, Jerome; Perera, Vicumpriya
74   Geometric Meaning of Isoparametric Hypersurfaces in a Real Space Form
Kimura, Makoto; Maeda, Sadahiro
79   Cyclotomic Schur Algebras and Blocks of Cyclic Defect
König, Steffen
87   Lomonosov's Techniques and Burnside's Theorem
Lindström, Mikael; Schlüchtermann, Georg
90   Complementary Series for Hermitian Quaternionic Groups
Muić, Goran; Savin, Gordan
100   A Gorenstein Ring with Larger Dilworth Number than Sperner Number
Okon, James S.; Vicknair, J. Paul
105   Sets of Uniqueness for Univalent Functions
Overholt, Marius
108   On the Entire Coloring Conjecture
Sanders, Daniel P.; Zhao, Yue
115   Perfect Non-Extremal Riemann Surfaces
Schmutz Schaller, Paul
126   Sur l'annulation de certains modules de cohomologie d'André-Quillen
Soto, José J. M.
129   Maximal Subbundles of Rank 2 Vector Bundles on Projective Curves
Ballico, E.
138   Exponential Laws for the Nachbin Ported Topology
Boyd, C.
145   On the 2-Parallel Versions of Links
Chang, Jae-Ho; Lee, Sang Youl; Park, Chan-Young
157   A Larger Class of Ornstein Transformations with Mixing Property
El Abdalaoui, El Houcein
162   Moduli Spaces of Polygons and Punctured Riemann Spheres
Foth, Philip
174   Stable Parabolic Bundles over Elliptic Surfaces and over Riemann Surfaces
Gantz, Christian; Steer, Brian
183   A Gauge Theoretic Proof of the Abel-Jacobi Theorem
Ionesei, Gheorghe
193   C$^*$-Convexity and the Numerical Range
Magajna, Bojan
208   Extensions of Continuous and Lipschitz Functions
Matoušková, Eva
218   Continued Fractions, Jacobi Symbols, and Quadratic Diophantine Equations
Mollin, R. A.; van der Poorten, A. J.
226   James-Hopf Invariants, Anick's Spaces, and the Double Loops on Odd Primary Moore Spaces
Neisendorfer, Joseph
236   On a Question of Buium
Voloch, José Felipe
239   On the Number of Divisors of the Quadratic Form $m^2+n^2$
Yu, Gang
257   Some More Weak Hilbert Spaces
Androulakis, George; Casazza, Peter G.; Kutzarova, Denka N.
268   Cockcroft Properties of Thompson's Group
Bogley, W. A.; Gilbert, N. D.; Howie, James
282   Characteristic $p$ Galois Representations That Arise from Drinfeld Modules
Boston, Nigel; Ose, David T.
294   Fixed Points of Commuting Holomorphic Maps Without Boundary Regularity
Bracci, Filippo
304   Courbes hyperelliptiques à multiplications réelles et une construction de Shih
Darmon, Henri; Mestre, Jean-François
312   On the Prime Ideals in a Commutative Ring
Dobbs, David E.
320   On Classification of Certain $C^\ast$-Algebras
Elliott, George; Fulman, Igor
330   Maximal Operators and Cantor Sets
Hare, Kathryn E.
343   Controlled Homeomorphisms Over Nonpositively Curved Manifolds
Hughes, Bruce; Taylor, Larry; Williams, Bruce
355   A Dimension-Free Weak-Type Estimate for Operators on UMD-Valued Functions
Kelly, Brian P.
362   Examples of Half-Factorial Domains
Kim, Hwankoo
368   Kahane-Khinchin's Inequality for Quasi-Norms
Litvak, A. E.
380   Twists of a General Class of $L$-Functions by Highly Ramified Characters
Shahidi, Freydoon
385   Infinite Classes of Covering Numbers
Bluskov, I.; Greig, M.; Heinrich, K.
397   Tournaments and Orders with the Pigeonhole Property
Bonato, Anthony; Cameron, Peter; Delić, Dejan
406   Weighted Mean Operators on $l_p$
Borwein, David
413   Non-Isomorphic Maximal Orders with Isomorphic Matrix Rings
Chatters, A. W.
418   Obstructions to $\mathcal{Z}$-Stability for Unital Simple $C^*$-Algebras
Gong, Guihua; Jiang, Xinhui; Su, Hongbing
427   Helices, Hasimoto Surfaces and Bäcklund Transformations
Ivey, Thomas A.
440   On the Existence of a New Class of Contact Metric Manifolds
Koufogiorgos, Themis; Tsichlias, Charalambos
448   Nonconvexity of the Generalized Numerical Range Associated with the Principal Character
Li, Chi-Kwong; Zaharia, Alexandru
459   Properties of the Invariants of Solvable Lie Algebras
Ndogmo, J. C.
472   An Estimate For a Restricted X-Ray Transform
Oberlin, Daniel M.
477   The Dynamics of Localized Solutions of Nonlocal Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Ward, Michael J.
496   Harmonic Polynomials Associated With Reflection Groups
Xu, Yuan
508   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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