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Volume 39 (1996)
  On the unicity conjecture for Markoff numbers
Baragar, Arthur
10   A continuity-like property of derivatives
Bullen, P. S.; Sarkhel, D. N.
21   Division graded algebras in the Brauer-Wall group
Coghlan, Francis; Hoffman, Peter
25   Surjective linear maps between root systems with zero
Đoković, D. Ž.; Thăńg, Nguyêñ Q.
35   Divisor sums of generalised exponential polynomials
Everest, G. R.; Shparlinski, I. E.
47   The division algorithm in complex bases
Gilbert, William J.
55   On self-injective perfect rings
Herbera, Dolors; Shamsuddin, Ahmad
59   An integral representation for the generalized binomial function
Heggie, M.; Nicklason, G. R.
68   Mutual injective hulls
Jain, S. K.; López-Permouth, S. R.; Raza Syed, S.
74   Facial structures for the positive linear maps between matrix algebras
Kye, Seung-Hyeok
83   Closed symmetric overgroups of $Ssb n$ in ${ m O}sb n$
Li, Chi-Kwong; Whitney, Wayne
95   Mean curvature of Riemannian foliations
March, Peter; Min-Oo, Maung; Ruh, Ernst A.
106   A completely general Rabinowitsch criterion for complex quadratic fields
Mollin, R. A.
111   Torsion-free and divisible modules over finite-dimensional algebras
Okoh, F.
115   A sieve on analytic functions
Ramsay, Keith
117   Mean convergence of Hermite-Fejér interpolation based on the zeros of Lascenov polynomials
Shi, Ying Guang
129   On the linear invariance of Lindelöf numbers
Baars, Jan; Gladdines, Helma
138   The Doob-Meyer decomposition revisited
Bass, Richard F.
151   Bernstein-type inequalities with Bombieri norm
Beaucoup, Franck; Souchon, Catherine
164   On joint eigenvalues of commuting matrices
Bhatia, R.; Elsner, L.
169   On some geometric invariants associated to the space of flat connections on an open space
Biswas, I.; Guruprasad, K.
178   On the representation of an idempotent as a sum of nilpotent elements
Ferrero, M.; Puczyłowski, E. R.; Sidki, S.
186   Backward continued fractions and their invariant measures
Gröchenig, Karlheinz; Haas, Andrew
199   On positive integer solutions of the equation $xy+yz+xz=n$
Hassan, Al-Zaid; Brindza, B.; Pintér, Á.
203   Purely infinite simple $Csp *$-crossed products. II
Jeong, Ja A.; Kodaka, Kazunori; Osaka, Hiroyuki
211   Central $*$-differential identities in prime rings
Lee, P. H.; Wong, T. L.
216   Further on the points of inflection of Bessel functions
Lorch, Lee; Szego, Peter
219   Slice maps and multipliers of invariant subspaces
Nakazi, Takahiko
227   Nonexistence of maxima for perturbations of some inequalities with critical growth
Pruss, Alexander R.
238   Some rings of invariants that are Cohen-Macaulay
Smith, Larry
241   Nonnegative linearization and quadratic transformation of Askey-Wilson polynomials
Szwarc, Ryszard
250   Quasi-duality, linear compactness and Morita duality for power series rings
Xue, Weimin
257   On the decomposition of nonsingular CS-modules
Clark, John; Dung, Nguyen Viet
266   Uniform Kadec-Klee Lorentz spaces $Lsb {w,1}$ and uniformly concave functions
Dilworth, S. J.; Lennard, C. J.
275   Oscillation and global attractivity in a periodic delay equation
Graef, J. R.; Qian, C.; Spikes, P. W.
284   Bourgain algebras of spaces of $n$-harmonic functions in the unit polydisk
Izuchi, Keiji; Kasuga, Kazuhiro; Matsugu, Yasuo
294   Conjugacy separability of certain polygonal products
Kim, Goansu
308   A characterization of varieties with a difference term
Lipparini, Paolo
316   Nearrings of continuous functions from topological spaces into topological nearrings
Magill, K. D. Jr.
330   Pseudo-homogeneous coordinates for Hughes planes
Maier, Peter; Stroppel, Markus
346   Numbers of conjugacy class sizes and derived lengths for $A$-groups
Marshall, Mary K.
352   The Abbena-Thurston manifold as a critical point
Park, Joon-Sik; Oh, Won Tae
360   Complicated bifurcations of periodic solutions in some system of ODE
Soleev, A.
367   Weak$sp *$-closed derivations from $C[0,1]$ into $Lsp infty[0,1]$
Weaver, Nik
376   Derivations of higher order in prime rings
Ye, Youpei; Luh, Jiang
385   On the reduced product construction
Fantham, Peter; James, Ioan; Mather, Michael
390   A full descriptive definition of the gage integral
Bongiorno, B.; Pfeffer, W. F.; Thomson, B. S.
402   Une caractérisation des polynômes prenant des valeurs entières sur tous les nombres premiers
Chabert, Jean-Luc
408   On strongly normal functions
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul M.
420   The failure of approximate inner conjugacy for standard diagonals in regular limit algebras
Donsig, Allan P.; Power, S. C.
429   $Csp *$-algebras of real rank zero whose $Ksb 0$'s are not Riesz groups
Goodearl, K. R.
438   A generalization of an inequality of Bhattacharya and Leonetti
Hurri-Syrjänen, Ritva
448   On bodies associated with a given convex body
Makai, Endre Jr.; Martini, Horst
460   Self-adjoint Fredholm operators and spectral flow
Phillips, John
468   The Turaev-Viro invariant for $3$-manifolds is a sum of three invariants
Sokolov, M. V.
476   When $Xsp *$ is a $P'$-space
Swardson, Mary Anne; Szeptycki, Paul J.
486   The Wallace problem: a counterexample from ${ m MA}sb { m countable }$ and $p$-compactness
Tomita, Artur H.
499   Deformation of the universal enveloping algebra of $Gamma(sigmasb 1,sigmasb 2,sigmasb 3)$
Zou, Yi Ming

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