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Volume 23 (1980)
  Uniform spaces as nice images of nice uniform and metric spaces
Willmott, Richard
11   Upper semicontinuity of subdifferential mappings
Gregory, David A.
21   A note on degree sequences of graphs
Brualdi, Richard A.
29   Une double généralisation du théorème de Fejér-Lebesgue
Lessard, Sabin
37   On INC-extensions and polynomials with unit content
Dobbs, David E.
43   On linear matrix equations
Scobey, P.; Kabe, D. G.
51   Notes on Frattini subgroups of generalized free products with cyclic amalgamation
Allenby, R. B. J. T.; Tang, C. Y.; Tang, S. Y.
61   Auslander-Reiten sequences for ``nice'' torsion theories of Artinian algebras
Roggenkamp, K. W.
67   Right cyclically ordered groups
Oltikar, B. C.
71   On some generalization of inequalities of Opial, Yang and Shum
Lee, Cheng Shyong
81   Second-order evolution equations associated with convex Hamiltonians
Aubin, J.-P.; Ekeland, I.
95   A note on the realization of types
Adamson, Alan
99   A note on strongly closed $2$-subgroups
Fong, Paul; Harris, Morton E.
103   Minimally generated modules
Rant, W. H.
107   Splicing $n$-convex functions using splines
Cross, G. E.
111   Note on automorphisms of a free abelian group
Macedońska-Nosalska, Olga
115   The individual ergodic theorem for contractions with fixed points
Olsen, James H.
127   Function-theoretic integral operator methods for partial differential equations
Kreyszig, Erwin
137   On the connectedness of certain sets in summability theory
Parameswaran, Mangalam R.
143   Adjonction ou suppression d'objectifs en programmation à objectifs linéaires multiples
Bragard, L.; Vangeldère, J.
155   Decomposition theorems for $qsp{ast} $-rings
Hill, David A.
161   Multifunctions and inverse cluster sets
Joseph, James E.
173   Stable rings
Page, S. S.
179   A generalization of the Lax-Milgram lemma
Inayatnoor, K.; Noor, M. Aslam
185   On the structure of locally solid topologies
Aliprantis, C. D.; Burkinshaw, O.
193   Fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings
Hu, Thakyin
199   On the continued fractions of conjugate quadratic irrationalities
Herzog, Fritz
207   Irréductibilité des polynômes $f(sum sp{m}sb{i=0}asb{i}Xsp{psp{ri}})$ sur un corps fini ${f F}sb{psp{s}}$
Agou, S.
213   Smoothness properties of bounded solutions of Dirichlet's problem for elliptic equations in regions with corners on the boundary
Azzam, A.
227   A construction of approximately finite-dimensional non-ITPFI factors
Connes, Alain; Woods, E. J.
231   Retracts and the fixed point problem for finite partially ordered sets
Duffus, Dwight; Poguntke, Werner; Rival, Ivan
237   On $rsp{ast} $-invariant measure on a locally compact semigroup with recurrence
Bourne, Samuel
241   A commutativity theorem for division rings
Richoux, Anthony
245   Isomorphic group rings with nonisomorphic coefficient rings
Grünenfelder, L.; Parmenter, M. M.
255   Some examples of smooth and regular rings
Roberts, Leslie G.
261   A function which transforms certain graphs into straight lines for simultaneous solution
Maher, Laurence P. Jr.
267   Some triangle inequalities and generalizations
Carroll, C. E.; Yang, C. C.; Ahn, S.
275   Decomposition of $Ksb{n}$ into dragons
Huang, C.; Schönheim, J.
281   A new identity and some applications
Moser, W. O. J.; Pollack, Richard
291   On prime semilattices
Pawar, Y. S.; Thakare, N. K.
299   Nilpotent ideals in alternative rings
Rich, Michael
305   A characterisation of locally compact amenable subsemigroups
Wong, James C. S.
313   A comment on finite nilpotent groups of deficiency zero
Robertson, Edmund F.
317   Coincidence of nodes for generalized convex functions
Mathsen, R. M.
321   On the boundedness and range of the extended Hankel transformation
Rooney, P. G.
327   On the number of zeros over a finite field of certain symmetric polynomials
Ceccherini, P. V.; Hirschfeld, J. W. P.
333   The ruin problem for sums of dependent random variables
Johnson, Dudley Paul
Tijs, S. H.; Borwein, J. M.
347   Gaps between spheres in normed linear spaces
Lohman, Robert H.
355   Least positive residues and the quadratic character of two
Rosen, Kenneth H.
359   A note on the Jensen-Gould convolutions
Cohen, M. E.; Sun, H. S.
363   Complements of minimal ideals in solvable Lie rings
Stitzinger, Ernest L.
367   A note on doubles of $4$-manifolds
Weintraub, Steven H.
371   On the nonexistence of certain Euler products
Subbarao, M. V.
373   A note on Whitney maps
Ward, L. E. Jr.
375   An upper limit property of the Euler function
Hausman, Miriam
383   Spherical harmonics on the Heisenberg group
Greiner, Peter C.
397   First countable Lindelöf extensions of uncountable discrete spaces
Bell, Murray; Ginsburg, John
401   Sur les $M$-idéaux dans certains espaces d'opérateurs et l'approximation par des opérateurs compacts
Fakhoury, H.
413   Towards a classification of convolution-type operators from $lsb{1}$ to $lsb{infty }$
Crombez, G.; Govaerts, W.
421   A summability problem
Macphail, M. S.
425   A note on the universe of a category of fractions
Nanda, Sribatsa
429   On property ${ m B}$ of families of sets
Abbott, H. L.; Liu, A. C.
437   Prime $z$-ideals of $C(X)$ and related rings
Mason, Gordon
445   Units of the group ring
Groenewald, N. J.
449   Generalized $n$-like rings and commutativity
Moore, H. G.
453   A note on fixed point sets and wedges
Martin, John R.; Nadler, Sam B. Jr.
457   Noetherian rings in which every ideal is a product of primary ideals
Anderson, D. D.
461   Infinitesimal isometries on compact manifolds
Liang, Chao Chu
465   Derived subspaces of metric spaces
Martin, Harold W.
469   A theorem on the denseness of orbits in metric spaces
Boyarsky, Abraham; Scarowsky, Manny
473   Periodic and nil polynomials in rings
Felzenszwalb, Bernardo; Giambruno, Antonino
477   Orthogonal completions of reduced rings with respect to Abian order
Rai, R. K.
491   Arithmetic progressions contained in sequences with bounded gaps
Nathanson, Melvyn B.
495   A simple proof of a theorem on reduced rings
Klein, Abraham A.
497   Complete quasi-uniform spaces
Huffman, Shirley M.; Hicks, Troy L.; Carlson, John W.
499   A nonnormal function whose derivative is of Hardy class $Hsp{p}$, $0<p<1$
Yamashita, Shinji
501   Some spaces are not the domain of a closed linear operator in a Banach space
Dierolf, Peter; Dierolf, Susanne

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