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Volume 22 (1979)
  Sur la structure extrémale de la somme de deux convexes
Bair, J.
  Geometric inequalities for plane convex bodies
Chakerian, G. D.
17   Nonoscillatory solutions of $xsp{(m)}=(-1)sp{m}Q(t)x$
Cheng, Sui Sun
23   Self-converse tournaments
Eplett, W. J. R.
29   On pseudo-Lucas numbers of the form $2Ssp{2}$
Eswarathasan, A.
35   On a class of polynomials associated with the stars of a graph and its application to node-disjoint decompositions of complete graphs and complete bipartite gra
Farrell, E. J.
47   A lower bound for the number of negative zeros of power series
Gawronski, W.
53   Modules over bounded hereditary Noetherian prime rings
Khan, M. Zubair
59   Sommes de fonctions additives restreintes à une class de congruence
Mercier, Armel
75   Tournaments whose subtournaments are irreducible or transitive
Moon, J. W.
81   An elementary proof of Johnson-Dulmage-Mendelsohn's refinement of Birkhoff's theorem on doubly stochastic matrices
Nishi, Akihiro
87   Some progression-free partitions constructed using Folkman's method
Rabung, John R.
93   Multiplication modules
Singh, Surjeet; Mehdi, Fazal
99   A counterexample in finite fixed point theory
Enos, H. C.
101   A note on reductive operators
Fillmore, P. A.
103   A central limit theorem for general stochastic processes
Johnson, Dudley Paul
105   A note on $[a,,b]$-compact spaces
Pareek, C. M.; Hdeib, H. Z.
113   On a theorem of Niven
Sitaramachandra Rao, R.; Murty, G. Sri Rama Chandra
117   A second note on Ingham's summation method
Segal, S. L.
129   Stochastic measure diffusion processes
Dawson, Donald A.
139   Semilinear second-order elliptic oscillation
Swanson, C. A.
159   Rings all of whose Pierce stalks are local
Burgess, W. D.; Stephenson, W.
165   Some extensions of Hardy's inequality
Chan, Ling Yau
171   Bounds on the coarseness of the $n$-cube
Hartman, Jehuda
177   On Berndt's method in arithmetical functions and contour integration
Krishnaiah, P. V.; Sitaramachandra Rao, R.
187   Internal hom functors for polarities
Nelson, Evelyn
203   On the positive definiteness of a functional
Pandey, J. N.
207   Square-reduced residue systems $({ m mod}$ $r)$ and related arithmetical functions
Sivaramakrishnan, R.
221   On the zeros of power series with logarithmic coefficients
Stadtmüller, U.
235   On a functional equation
Al-Salam, Nadhla A.; Al-Salam, Waleed A.
239   Sur le dérivé du cuboïde eulérien
Lagrange, Jean
243   A note on isomorphisms of multiplier algebras
Wong, Pak Ken
257   Brownian motion---Wiener process
Csörgő, Miklós
281   Permutations related to secant, tangent and Eulerian numbers
Abramson, Morton
293   Hitting time distributions when $sum Xsb{k}/dsp{k}$ has a smooth density
Johnson, Dudley Paul
299   A proof of an identity for multiplicative functions
Krishna, K.
305   Hamiltonian cycles in strong products of graphs
Bermond, J.-C.; Germa, A.; Heydemann, M.-C.
311   Generalized Markov projections and matrix summability
Atalla, Robert E.
317   Identité pour $sum sp{infty }sb{n=1,nequiv l(k)} (f(n)/nsp{s})$
Mercier, Armel
327   Permuting the elements of a finite solvable group
Cliff, Gerald H.; Rhemtulla, Akbar H.
331   Coherent overrings
Papick, Ira J.
339   On derivations in prime rings and a question of Herstein
Kovacs, Amos
345   A criterion for Taylor summability of Fourier series
Holland, A. S. B.; Sahney, B. N.; Tzimbalario, J.
351   On surfaces of order three
Bisztriczky, Tibor
357   Bounds on positive integral solutions of linear Diophantine equations. II
Borosh, I.; Treybig, L. B.
363   Note on best approximation of $x$
Bennett, Colin; Rudnick, Karl; Vaaler, Jeffrey D.
367   Functional dependence and analytic functions
Ramankutty, P.
371   A note on Bernšteĭn's bivariate inequality
Mullen, K.
377   Approximation on boundary sets
Wang, James Li Ming
381   Extension of a result of S. Mandelbrojt
Pham-Gia, T.
391   Central limit theorem for absolute deviations from the sample mean and applications
McLeish, D. L.
397   On localization at an ideal
Beachy, John A.
403   Strongly monotone solutions of retarded differential equations
Sficas, Y. G.
413   Infrasequential topological algebras
Husain, T.
419   A commutativity theorem for rings and groups
Nicholson, W. K.; Yaqub, Adil
425   Molchanov's discrete spectra criterion for a weighted operator
Hinton, Don B.
433   Branching measures of information on strings
Ebanks, Bruce R.
449   Modules behaving like torsion abelian groups
Khan, M. Zubair
459   On basis constants and duality in Banach spaces
Dor, Leonard E.
467   A necessary and sufficient condition for the equivalence of the topologies of uniform and compact convergence
Clapp, Michael H.; Shiflett, Ray C.
471   Local unique factorization in the semigroup of paths in ${f R}sp{n}$
Putcha, Mohan S.
477   Complete diagonals of Latin squares
Chang, Gerard J.
483   On the equality $sum sp{n}sb{i=1} psb{i}fsb{i}(psb{i})/fsb{i}(qsb{i})leq 1$
Kardos, Peter
491   On regular-closed and minimal regular spaces
Joseph, James E.
499   Function spaces continuously paired by operators of convolution type
Kerman, R. A.
509   A note on derivations. II
Herstein, I. N.
513   A note on a theorem of Ky Fan
Lin, Tzu Chu
517   On quotient loops of normal subloops
Santhakumari, C.

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