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Volume 21 (1978)
  Homomorphisms between lattices of zero-sets
Broverman, S.
  Pointwise contraction criteria for the existence of fixed points
Clarke, Frank H.
13   On semicommuting automorphisms of rings
Chung, L. O.; Luh, Jiang
17   Multiplicities in the tensor product of finite-dimensional representations of discrete groups
Djoković, Dragomir Ž.
21   Reducible rational fractions of the type of Gaussian polynomials with only non-negative coefficients
Grosswald, Emil
31   Thin lens spaces
Hoffman, P.; Zabrodsky, A.
37   Coset enumeration in a finitely presented semigroup
Jura, Andrzej
47   On intertwining and factorization by self-adjoint operators
Lin, C. S.; Radjabalipour, M.
53   A construction of the pair completion of a quasi-uniform space
Lindgren, William F.; Fletcher, Peter
61   Isomorphisms of function algebras and algebras of analytic functions
Lund, Bruce
73   Coexistence of some b.i.b. designs
Majindar, K. N.
79   Maximum modulus theorems and Schwarz lemmata for sequence spaces. II
Shawyer, B. L. R.
85   Covering finite sets by ergodic images
Steele, J. Michael
93   Uniform contractification
Tan, Kok Keong
99   An elementary proof of a fixed point theorem of J. Lewittes and D. L. McQuillan
Wayman, Arthur K.
103   First countable spaces that have special pseudo-bases
White, H. E. Jr.
113   The spectral radius of a non-negative matrix
Berman, A.
115   Critical graphs for acyclic colorings
Berman, David M.
117   A sum of reciprocals of least common multiples
Borwein, D.
119   A characterization of biregular group rings
Burgess, W. D.
121   A Helly-type theorem for convex sets
Katchalski, Meir
125   Forms with $0$-orthogonal Lie algebras
Servedio, Frank
129   Variations on a theme of Kronecker
Boyd, David W.
135   Moulton affine Hjelmslev planes
Baker, Catherine
143   Strong extensions vs. weak extensions of $Csp{ast} $-algebras
Cho, S. J.
149   The representation of $(C, k)$ summable series in Fourier form
Cross, G. E.
159   On the weak global dimension of pseudo-valuation domains
Dobbs, David E.
165   Some smoothness properties of measures on topological spaces
Hegde, Shankar
173   Limit preserving summability of subsequences
Keagy, Thomas A.
177   Regular partitions of regular graphs
Kleinschmidt, Peter
183   On almost continuous mappings and Baire spaces
Lin, Shwu Yeng T.; Lin, You Feng
187   On the input-output stability of linear controllable systems
Megan, Mihail
197   An interpolatory rational approximation
Meir, A.
201   On a theorem of Sullivan
Penna, Michael A.
207   Fixed points can characterise curves
Schirmer, Helga
213   Zeros of nonlinear monotone operators in Hilbert space
Schöneberg, R.
221   $S$-barrelled topological vector spaces
Snipes, Ray F.
229   Ordered Desarguesian affine Hjelmslev planes
Thomas, L. A.
237   Russian dolls
Wilker, J. B.
241   On a result of Levitzki
Felzenszwalb, B.
243   An inequality for gamma functions
Kabe, D. G.
247   An abstract version of a result of Fong and Sucheston
Kopp, P. E.
249   Unipotent matrix groups over division rings
Mochizuki, H. Y.
251   A reflexive Banach space that is LUR and not $2$R
Smith, Mark A.
253   How fields can have a product
Zorzitto, Frank
257   The Hausdorff moment problem
Borwein, David
267   A global existence and uniqueness theorem for ordinary differential equations of generalized order
Al-Abedeen, Ahmed Z.; Arora, H. L.
273   Certain $n$th order differential inequalities in the complex plane
Al-Amiri, H. S.
279   On the convergence vector space ${cal L}sb{c}(E,,F)$ and its dual space
Beattie, Ronald
285   On a conjecture of Graham concerning a sequence of integers
Chein, E. Z.
289   On almost contingent manifolds of second class with applications in relativity
Duggal, K. L.
297   On square pseudo-Lucas numbers
Eswarathasan, A.
305   Dimension theory via reduced bisector chains
Janos, Ludvik
313   Order characterization of the complex field
Novoa, Lino Gutierrez
319   Continuous rings and rings of quotients
Page, S. S.
325   Automorphisms of full ${ m II}sb{1}$ factors. II
Phillips, John
329   Content algebras
Rush, David E.
335   A characterization of soft hypergraphs
Slater, Peter J.
339   On weak Vitali covering properties
Thomson, B. S.
347   Applications of variants of the Hölder inequality and its inverses: extensions of Barnes, Marshall-Olkin, and Nehari inequalities
Wang, Chung Lie
355   On Earle's ${ m mod}$ $n$ relative Teichmüller spaces
Zarrow, Robert
361   The Chinese remainder theorem and the invariant basis property
Anderson, David F.
363   Paracompactness for ordered sums
Fleischer, Isidore
365   Note on attaching Dold fibrations
Heath, Philip R.; Kamps, Klaus Heiner
369   A note on derivations
Herstein, I. N.
371   A note on the length of trivectors
MacDougall, J. A.
373   A remark on coherent overrings
Papick, Ira J.
377   Note on an asymptotic formula for a class of digraphs
Sridharan, M. R.
385   Parallel lines
Coxeter, H. S. M.
399   On the power map and ring commutativity
Bell, Howard E.
405   Hardy inequalities with mixed norms
Bradley, J. Scott
409   An asymptotic formula for reciprocals of logarithms of certain multiplicative functions
De Koninck, Jean-Marie; Ivić, Aleksandar
415   On approximately finite-dimensional von Neumann algebras. II
Elliott, George A.
419   Catching and missing finite sets
Ellis, Martin H.
427   An asymptotic formula for a sum of products of powers
Evans, Ronald J.
435   Linear functional-differential equations in a Banach algebra
Fitzpatrick, W. J.; Grimm, L. J.
441   Determination of $[n heta ]$ by its sequence of differences
Fraenkel, A. S.; Mushkin, M.; Tassa, U.
447   Limit distributions for the extreme order statistics
Mejzler, D.
461   Properties of hereditary hypergraphs and middle graphs
Cockayne, E. J.; Hedetniemi, S. T.; Miller, D. J.
469   $0$-distributive semilattices
Pawar, Y. S.; Thakare, N. K.
477   On Levine's decomposition of continuity
Rose, David Alon
483   Principal irreducible Lie-algebra modules
Servedio, Frank J.
491   On the conjugacy classes in an integral group ring
Williamson, Alan
497   Translates of sequences in sets of positive measure
Borwein, D.; Ditor, S. Z.
499   Idempotents in the groupoid of all ${f SP}$ classes of lattices
Day, Alan
503   An inequality for complete symmetric functions
Ilori, Samuel A.
505   Sums of powers in arithmetic progressions
Small, Charles
508   Errata:``Reducible rational fractions of the type of Gaussian polynomials with only non-negative coefficients'' (Canad. Math. Bull. {f 21} (1978), no. 1, 21--30)
Grosswald, Emil

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