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Volume 11 (1968)
  The problem of Appolonius
Coxeter, H. S. M.
19   A new construction of the injective hull
Fleischer, Isidore
23   A note on lower radical constructions for associative rings
Heinicke, A. G.
31   On the conversion of the determinant into the permanent
Botta, Peter
35   Near-ring homomorphisms
Malone, Joseph J. Jr.
43   Group theory and the principle of duality
Lightstone, A. H.
51   A class of positive linear operators
King, J. P.
61   On operators and distributions
Struble, Raimond A.
65   The nucleus of a set
Strang, Gilbert
73   On a discrete analogue of inequalities of Opial and Yang
Lee, Cheng-ming
79   Note on pairs of consecutive residues of polynomials
Williams, Kenneth S.
85   A note on homogeneous dendrites
Melzak, Z. A.
95   Matrix characterizations of topological properties
Bonnett, D. A.; Porter, J. R.
107   On the evaluation of some expressions concerning the ${ m PBIB}$ designs
Cléroux, Robert
115   On real almost hermitian structures subordinate to almost tangent structures
Closs, Mike P.
135   Non-existence of estimates of prescribed accuracy in fixed sample size.
Singh, Rajinder
141   On the minimal Lipschitz constant
Goebel, K.
145   Addendum: ``On a theorem of Niven''
Williams, Kenneth S.
175   The circle problem in an arithmetic progression
Smith, R. A.
185   A note on henselian valuation rings
Endler, Otto
191   A Room design of order $14$
O'Shaughnessy, C. D.
195   On detours in graphs
Kapoor, S. F.; Kronk, H. V.; Lick, D. R.
203   On partitioning planar graphs
Hedetniemi, Stephen
213   On the non-cutpoint existence theorem
Ward, L. E.
217   On a modification of Romberg quadrature
Manohar, R.; Turnbull, C.
225   Moment problems and quasi-Hausdorff transformations
Leviatan, Dany
237   On polynomials with real zeros
Ahmad, Mansoor
241   A transformation connecting products of generalised basic hypergeometric functions
Verma, Arun
249   Gap formulae for the Weierstrass transformations
Ditzian, Z.
255   On Banach limit of Fourier series and conjugate series. I
Dayal, S.
263   Some distribution problems of order statistics from exponential and power function distributions
Kabe, D. G.
275   A theorem on Henselian rings
Sankaran, N.
279   On exceptional polynomials
Williams, Kenneth S.
283   Note on a theorem on singular matrices
Djoković, D. Ž.
285   Diameter of a $(0,,1)$-matrix
Murty, U. S. R.
289   Representation of $m$ as $sum sb{k=-n}sp{n},varepsilon sb{k}k$
Entringer, R. C.
295   On the cube of a graph
Karaganis, Jerome J.
297   A genuine topology for the field of Mikusiński operators
Struble, Raimond A.
301   A remark on the Gibbs phenomenon and Lebesgue constants for a summability method of Melikov
Ustina, Fred
367   Constructing an automorphism from an anti-automorphism
Ayoub, Christine
371   Notes on splitting extensions of groups
Tang, C. Y.
375   Duo rings: Some applications to commutativity theorems
Bell, Howard E.
381   A new characterization of finite prime fields
Maxson, Carlton J.
383   Rings of quotients of rings of derivations
Kleiner, Israel
399   Note on weight spaces of irreducible linear representations
Lemire, F. W.
405   A combinatorial interpretation of Ramanujan's continued fraction
Szekeres, G.
409   A construction for partitions which avoid long arithmetic progressions.
Berlekamp, E. R.
415   Some possible and some impossible tripartitions of the plane
Meyers, Leroy F.
423   Sub-manifolds of a locally product Riemannian manifold
Mishra, R. S.
437   Circumscribing an ellipsoid about the intersection of two ellipsoids.
Kahan, W.
443   On zeros of derivatives of polynomials
Meir, A.; Sharma, A.
447   Extension of a result of L. Lorch and P. Szego on higher monotonicity.
Muldoon, M. E.
453   Almost continuity of mappings
Lin, Shwu-yeng T.
457   Some characterizations of the ultraspherical polynomials
Al-Salam, N. A.; Al-Salam, W. A.
465   Linear functionals on homogeneous polynomials
Dunkl, Charles F.
469   Unisolvence on multidimensional spaces
Dunham, Charles B.
475   Transformation of life-test data
Draper, Norman R.; Guttman, Irwin
489   More problems connected with convexity
Melzak, Z. A.
495   A functional equation for the cosine
Kannappan, P. L.
499   A note on the diameter of a graph
Bondy, J. A.
503   Note on epi in ${cal T}sb{0}$
Baron, S.
527   The no-three-in-line problem
Guy, Richard K.; Kelly, Patrick A.
533   An edge but not vertex transitive cubic graph
Bouwer, I. Z.
537   On lattice paths with several diagonal steps
Mohanty, S. G.; Handa, B. R.
547   A Pappus type theorem in the affine group
Paré, R.
555   Local near-rings of cardinality $psp{2}$
Maxson, Carlton J.
563   On compact prime rings and their rings of quotients
Koh, Kwangil
569   A note on exact colimits
Isbell, John R.
573   A general selection principle, with applications in analysis and algebra
Rice, Norman M.
585   Convergence of the Hausdorff means of double Fourier series
Ustina, Fred
593   A note on an oscillation criterion for an equation with a functional argument
Waltman, Paul
597   On a theorem of Erdős and Szekeres
Subbarao, M. V.
599   A Banach space of analytic functions for constant coefficient equations of evolution
Marsden, J.
603   The coreflective subcategory of sequential spaces
Baron, S.
605   Another proof of the contraction mapping principle
Boyd, D. W.; Wong, J. S. W.
607   A note on polar topologies
Robertson, J. M.; Wiser, H. C.
611   Addendum to ``On zeros of derivatives of polynomials''
Meir, A.; Sharma, A.
655   A combinatorial proof of a conjecture of Goldberg and Moon
Alspach, Brian
663   A generalization of a theorem of Hilton
Hoo, C. S.
671   Elements of packing and covering
Oler, N.
679   A remark on the group rings of order preserving permutation groups.
Lagrange, R. H.; Rhemtulla, A. H.
681   On a certain set of linear inequalities
Kalbfleisch, J. G.; Stanton, R. G.
691   Tensor products of Banach algebras
Natzitz, Boaz
703   Some elementary converse problems in ordinary differential equations.
717   A three dimensional analogue of Pappus's theorem
Phadke, B. B.
719   A note on absolute geometry
Brossard, Roland
723   An isoperimetric inequality for convex polyhedra with triangular faces.
Kömhoff, Magelone
729   Note on $t$-minimal complete bipartite graphs
Bouwer, I. Z.; Broere, I.
733   The factors of a square-free integer
James, R. D.
737   A note on the Jacobson and Brown-McCoy radicals
Anderson, T.; Heinicke, A.
739   On Maitland's generalized Bessel function
Srivastava, T. N.; Singh, Y. P.
743   Periodic solutions by Picard's approximations
Burton, T. A.
747   Some remarks on a paper of Wong
Houston, R.; Kaul, S. K.

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