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Volume 52 (2000)
  On Small Complete Sets of Functions
Aizenberg, Lev; Vidras, Alekos
31   On Russell-Type Modular Equations
Chan, Heng Huat; Liaw, Wen-Chin
47   Comparison of $K$-Theory Galois Module Structure Invariants
Chinburg, T.; Kolster, M.; Snaith, V. P.
92   A Stochastic Calculus Approach for the Brownian Snake
Dhersin, Jean-Stéphane; Serlet, Laurent
119   Corrigendum to ``Spectral Theory for the Neumann Laplacian on Planar Domains with Horn-Like Ends''
Edward, Julian
123   An Algorithm for Fat Points on $\mathbf{P}^2
Harbourne, Brian
141   Numerical Ranges Arising from Simple Lie Algebras
Li, Chi-Kwong; Tam, Tin-Yau
172   Cubic Base Change for $\GL(2)$
Mao, Zhengyu; Rallis, Stephen
197   Sublinearity and Other Spectral Conditions on a Semigroup
Radjavi, Heydar
225   Localization in Categories of Complexes and Unbounded Resolutions
Alonso Tarrío, Leovigildo; Jeremías López, Ana; Souto Salorio, María José
248   Spectral Problems for Non-Linear Sturm-Liouville Equations with Eigenparameter Dependent Boundary Conditions
Binding, Paul A.; Browne, Patrick J.; Watson, Bruce A.
265   On Orbit Closures of Symmetric Subgroups in Flag Varieties
Brion, Michel; Helminck, Aloysius G.
293   Floer Homology for Knots and $\SU(2)$-Representations for Knot Complements and Cyclic Branched Covers
Collin, Olivier
306   Characters of Depth-Zero, Supercuspidal Representations of the Rank-2 Symplectic Group
Cunningham, Clifton
332   Multiple Mixing and Rank One Group Actions
del Junco, Andrés; Yassawi, Reem
348   Singularités quasi-ordinaires toriques et polyèdre de Newton du discriminant
González Pérez, P. D.
369   An Upper Bound on the Least Inert Prime in a Real Quadratic Field
Granville, Andrew; Mollin, R. A.; Williams, H. C.
381   Hardy Space Estimate for the Product of Singular Integrals
Miyachi, Akihiko
412   Geometric and Potential Theoretic Results on Lie Groups
Varopoulos, N. Th.
438   On Some $q$-Analogs of a Theorem of Kostant-Rallis
Wallach, N. R.; Willenbring, J.
449   An Intertwining Result for $p$-adic Groups
Adler, Jeffrey D.; Roche, Alan
468   Two-Weight Estimates For Singular Integrals Defined On Spaces Of Homogeneous Type
Edmunds, D. E.; Kokilashvili, V.; Meskhi, A.
503   The Level 2 and 3 Modular Invariants for the Orthogonal Algebras
Gannon, Terry
522   On Multiple Mixed Interior and Boundary Peak Solutions for Some Singularly Perturbed Neumann Problems
Gui, Changfeng; Wei, Juncheng
539   On Square-Integrable Representations of Classical $p$-adic Groups
Jantzen, Chris
582   Symplectic Geometry of the Moduli Space of Flat Connections on a Riemann Surface: Inductive Decompositions and Vanishing Theorems
Jeffrey, Lisa C.; Weitsman, Jonathan
613   Small Solutions of $\phi_1 x_1^2 + \cdots + \phi_n x_n^2 = 0$
Ou, Zhiming M.; Williams, Kenneth S.
633   Chern Characters of Fourier Modules
Walters, Samuel G.
673   Sums of Two Squares in Short Intervals
Balog, Antal; Wooley, Trevor D.
695   Correspondences, von Neumann Algebras and Holomorphic $L^2$ Torsion
Carey, A.; Farber, M.; Mathai, V.
737   An Automorphic Theta Module for Quaternionic Exceptional Groups
Gan, Wee Teck
757   Le problème de Neumann pour certaines équations du type de Monge-Ampère sur une variété riemannienne
Hanani, Abdellah
789   The Dunford-Pettis Property for Symmetric Spaces
Kamińska, Anna; Mastyło, Mieczysław
804   The Distributions in the Invariant Trace Formula Are Supported on Characters
Kottwitz, Robert E.; Rogawski, Jonathan D.
815   On the Maximum and Minimum Modulus of Rational Functions
Lubinsky, D. S.
833   W-Groups under Quadratic Extensions of Fields
Mináč, Ján; Smith, Tara L.
849   Operator Estimates for Fredholm Modules
Sukochev, F. A.
897   Higher Order Scattering on Asymptotically Euclidean Manifolds
Christiansen, T. J.; Joshi, M. S.
920   Real Interpolation with Logarithmic Functors and Reiteration
Evans, W. D.; Opic, B.
961   Algebraic Evaluations of Some Euler Integrals, Duplication Formulae for Appell's Hypergeometric Function $F_1$, and Brownian Variations
Ismail, Mourad E. H.; Pitman, Jim
982   Holomorphic Functions of Slow Growth on Nested Covering Spaces of Compact Manifolds
Lárusson, Finnur
999   Compact Groups of Operators on Subproportional Quotients of $l^m_1$
Mankiewicz, Piotr
1018   Essential Dimensions of Algebraic Groups and a Resolution Theorem for $G$-Varieties
Reichstein, Zinovy; Youssin, Boris
1057   The Spectrum of an Infinite Graph
Urakawa, Hajime
1085   Complex Monge-Ampère Measures of Plurisubharmonic Functions with Bounded Values Near the Boundary
Xing, Yang
1101   Discrete Series of Classical Groups
Zhang, Yuanli
1121   Ramanujan Type Buildings
Ballantine, Cristina M.
1149   Canonical Resolution of a Quasi-ordinary Surface Singularity
Ban, Chunsheng; McEwan, Lee J.
1164   Perforated Ordered $\K_0$-Groups
Elliott, George A.; Villadsen, Jesper
1192   Orbital Integrals on $p$-Adic Lie Algebras
Herb, Rebecca A.
1221   Nest Representations of TAF Algebras
Hopenwasser, Alan; Peters, Justin R.; Power, Stephen C.
1235   Representations with Weighted Frames and Framed Parabolic Bundles
Hurtubise, J. C.; Jeffrey, L. C.
1269   Well Ramified Extensions of Complete Discrete Valuation Fields with Applications to the Kato Conductor
Spriano, Luca
1310   On the Homology of $\GL_n$ and Higher Pre-Bloch Groups
Yagunov, Serge
1339   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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