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Volume 51 (1999)
  On a Conjecture of Goresky, Kottwitz and MacPherson
Allday, C.; Puppe, V.
10   Tractable Fields
Chacron, M.; Tignol, J.-P.; Wadsworth, A. R.
26   Separable Reduction and Supporting Properties of Fréchet-Like Normals in Banach Spaces
Fabian, Marián; Mordukhovich, Boris S.
49   Algèbres quasi-commutatives et carrés de Steenrod
Ndombol, Bitjong; El haouari, M.
69   On a Theorem of Hermite and Joubert
Reichstein, Zinovy
96   Partial Characters and Signed Quotient Hypergroups
Rösler, Margit; Voit, Michael
117   Meromorphic functions with prescribed asymptotic behaviour, zeros and poles and applications in complex approximation
Sauer, A.
130   The Dual Pair $G_2 \times \PU_3 (D)$ ($p$-Adic Case)
Savin, Gordan; Gan, Wee Teck
147   Homeomorphic Analytic Maps into the Maximal Ideal Space of $H^\infty$
Suárez, Daniel
164   Poles of Siegel Eisenstein Series on $U(n,n)$
Tan, Victor
176   Values of the Dedekind Eta Function at Quadratic Irrationalities
van der Poorten, Alfred; Williams, Kenneth S.
225   Asymptotic Formulae for the Lattice Point Enumerator
Betke, U.; Böröczky, K. Jr.
250   Convergence of Subdifferentials of Convexly Composite Functions
Combari, C.; Poliquin, R.; Thibault, L.
266   Spectral Estimates for Towers of Noncompact Quotients
Deitmar, Anton; Hoffman, Werner
294   A Homotopy of Quiver Morphisms with Applications to Representations
Enochs, Edgar E.; Herzog, Ivo
309   Symmetric sequence subspaces of $C(\alpha)$, II
Leung, Denny H.; Tang, Wee-Kee
326   Association Schemes for Ordered Orthogonal Arrays and $(T,M,S)$-Nets
Martin, W. J.; Stinson, D. R.
347   Exceptional Moufang Quadrangles of Type $\mathsf{F}_4$
Mühlherr, Bernhard; Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
372   Uniqueness for a Competing Species Model
Mytnik, Leonid
449   A Brunn-Minkowski Type Theorem on the Minkowski Spacetime
Bahn, Hyoungsick; Ehrlich, Paul
470   Exterior Univalent Harmonic Mappings With Finite Blaschke Dilatations
Bshouty, D.; Hengartner, W.
488   Homological Aspects of Semigroup Gradings on Rings and Algebras
Burgess, W. D.; Saorín, Manuel
506   On Polynomial Invariants of Exceptional Simple Algebraic Groups
Elduque, A.; Iltyakov, A. V.
523   Representations of Virasoro-Heisenberg Algebras and Virasoro-Toroidal Algebras
Fabbri, Marc A.; Okoh, Frank
546   Strong Converse Inequalities for Averages in Weighted $L^p$ Spaces on $[-1,1]$
Felten, M.
566   Quotient Hereditarily Indecomposable Banach Spaces
Ferenczi, V.
585   Smooth Finite Dimensional Embeddings
Mansfield, R.; Movahedi-Lankarani, H.; Wells, R.
616   Parabolic Subgroups with Abelian Unipotent Radical as a Testing Site for Invariant Theory
Panyushev, Dmitri I.
636   First Occurrence for the Dual Pairs $\bigl(U(p,q),U(r,s)\bigr)$
Paul, Annegret
658   Nilpotency of Some Lie Algebras Associated with $p$-Groups
Shumyatsky, Pavel
673   Brownian Motion and Harmonic Analysis on Sierpinski Carpets
Barlow, Martin T.; Bass, Richard F.
745   Induced Coactions of Discrete Groups on $C^*$-Algebras
Echterhoff, Siegfried; Quigg, John
771   Stable Bi-Period Summation Formula and Transfer Factors
Flicker, Yuval Z.
792   Tensor Products and Transferability of Semilattices
Grätzer, G.; Wehrung, F.
816   A New Form of the Segal-Bargmann Transform for Lie Groups of Compact Type
Hall, Brian C.
835   Langlands-Shahidi Method and Poles of Automorphic $L$-Functions: Application to Exterior Square $L$-Functions
Kim, Henry H.
850   Tensor Algebras, Induced Representations, and the Wold Decomposition
Muhly, Paul S.; Solel, Baruch
881   The Representation Ring and the Centre of a Hopf Algebra
Witherspoon, Sarah J.
897   Cohomology of Complex Projective Stiefel Manifolds
Astey, L.; Gitler, S.; Micha, E.; Pastor, G.
915   Quasiconformal Contactomorphisms and Polynomial Hulls with Convex Fibers
Balogh, Zoltán M.; Leuenberger, Christoph
936   Galois Representations with Non-Surjective Traces
David, Chantal; Kisilevsky, Hershy; Pappalardi, Francesco
952   On Limit Multiplicities for Spaces of Automorphic Forms
Deitmar, Anton; Hoffmann, Werner
977   Extreme Pick-Nevanlinna Interpolants
Fisher, Stephen D.; Khavinson, Dmitry
996   Counting in Ergodic Theory
Jones, Roger L.; Rosenblatt, Joseph M.; Wierdl, Máté
1020   On Functions Satisfying Modular Equations for Infinitely Many Primes
Kozlov, Dmitry N.
1035   The Homology of Abelian Covers of Knotted Graphs
Litherland, R. A.
1073   The Hausdorff and Packing Dimensions of Some Sets Related to Sierpi\'nski Carpets
Nielsen, Ole A.
1089   The Characteristic Numbers of Quartic Plane Curves
Vakil, Ravi
1123   First Steps of Local Contact Algebra
Arnold, V. I.
1135   Endoscopic $L$-Functions and a Combinatorial Identity
Arthur, James
1149   Linear Groups Generated by Reflection Tori
Cohen, A. M.; Cuypers, H.; Sterk, H.
1175   Reflection Subquotients of Unitary Reflection Groups
Lehrer, G. I.; Springer, T. A.
1194   Subregular Nilpotent Elements and Bases in $K$-Theory
Lusztig, G.
1226   Semi-Affine Coxeter-Dynkin Graphs and $G \subseteq \SU_2(C)$
McKay, John
1230   Symmetric Tessellations on Euclidean Space-Forms
Hartley, Michael I.; McMullen, Peter; Schulte, Egon
1240   Realizations of Regular Toroidal Maps
Monson, B.; Weiss, A. Ivić
1258   Similarity Submodules and Root Systems in Four Dimensions
Baake, Michael; Moody, Robert V.
1277   Isomorphism Invariants for Projective Configurations
Shephard, G. C.
1300   On the Existence of Similar Sublattices
Conway, J. H.; Rains, E. M.; Sloane, N. J. A.
1307   Quadratic Integers and Coxeter Groups
Johnson, Norman W.; Weiss, Asia Ivić
1337   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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