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Volume 48 (1996)
  Notes on extensions of Hopf algebras
Andruskiewitsch, Nicolás
43   $q$-Hermite polynomials and classical orthogonal polynomials
Berg, Christian; Ismail, Mourad E. H.
64   Metrics of positive scalar curvature on spherical space forms
Botvinnik, Boris; Gilkey, Peter B.
81   On the distribution of supersingular primes
Fouvry, Etienne; Murty, M. Ram
105   On a generalization of a result of Waldspurger
Guo, Jiandong
143   Solvability of some singular boundary value problems on the semi-infinite interval
O'Regan, Donal
159   Moore cohomology and central twisted crossed product $Csp *$-algebras
Packer, Judith A.
175   $Csp *$-algebras from Smale spaces
Putnam, Ian F.
196   Positive powers of positive positive-definite matrices
Rosen, Lon
210   Compact almost discrete hypergroups
Voit, Michael
225   Bergman spaces on disconnected domains
Aleman, Alexandru; Richter, Stefan; Ross, William T.
244   A priori estimates for some classes of difference schemes
Bakaev, Nikolai
258   Acyclic models
Barr, Michael
274   Polynomial Lie subalgebras of the infinite matrix Lie algebra
Chen, Liang
288   On the recovery of analytic functions
Cima, Joseph A.; Stessin, Michael
302   A family of generalized Riesz products
Dooley, A. H.; Eigen, S. J.
316   Superresolution rates in Prokhorov metric
Doukhan, P.; Gamboa, F.
330   Spectra for infinite tensor product type actions of compact groups
Gootman, Elliot C.; Lazar, Aldo J.
343   Explicit forms of local lifting for ${ m GL}sb 2$
Kim, Donggyun
363   Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev theorems of fractional integration on Herz-type spaces and its applications
Lu, Shanzhen; Yang, Dachun
381   A subnormal operator and its dual
Olin, Robert F.; Yang, Liming
397   Density of resonances for strictly convex analytic obstacles
Sjöstrand, Johannes
449   Central quotients and coverings of Steinberg unitary Lie algebras
Allison, Bruce N.; Gao, Yun
483   The exponent of the homotopy groups of Moore spectra and the stable Hurewicz homomorphism
Arlettaz, Dominique
496   Bounded pointwise approximation of solutions of elliptic equations
Bonilla, A.; Trujillo-González, R.
512   The addition of primes and power
Brüdern, Jörg; Perelli, Alberto
527   On weighted Sobolev spaces
Chua, Seng-Kee
542   A Schilder type theorem for super-Brownian motion
Fleischmann, Klaus; Gärtner, Jürgen; Kaj, Ingemar
569   Maps in locally orientable surfaces, the double coset algebra, and zonal polynomials
Goulden, I. P.; Jackson, D. M.
585   Generators of ideals defining certain surfaces in projective space
Holay, Sandeep H.
596   Rings with finite maximal invariant subrings
Lanski, Charles
607   Structural properties of weak cotype $2$ spaces
Mankiewicz, Piotr; Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole
625   Complemented copies of $lsp 1$ and Pełczyński's property $({ m V}sp *)$ in Bochner function spaces
Randrianantoanina, Narcisse
641   Diffusion on Lie groups. III
Varopoulos, N. Th.
673   Dade's conjecture for Chevalley groups $Gsb 2(q)$ in non-defining characteristics
An, Jianbei
692   The local product structure of expansive automorphisms of solenoids and their associated $Csp ast$-algebras
Brenken, Berndt
710   Necessary and sufficient conditions for mean convergence of Lagrange interpolation for Erdős weights. I
Damelin, S. B.; Lubinsky, D. S.
737   Necessary and sufficient conditions for mean convergence of Lagrange interpolation for Erdős weights. II
Damelin, S. B.; Lubinsky, D. S.
758   First order operators on manifolds with a group action
Fegan, H. D.; Steer, B.
777   Reconstruction of entire functions from irregularly spaced sample points
Grozev, Georgi R.; Rahman, Qazi I.
794   Subspaces of rearrangement-invariant spaces
Hernandez, Francisco L.; Kalton, Nigel J.
834   Extensions of subdifferential calculus rules in Banach spaces
Jourani, A.; Thibault, L.
849   Fiber completions, contact singularities and single valued solutions for $Csp infty$-second order ODE
Kossowski, Marek
871   Oscillation criteria for second order neutral differential equations
Li, Horng-Jaan; Liu, Wei-Ling
887   Positive-definite functions on free semigroups
Popescu, Gelu
897   Homological duality and quasi-heredity
Ágoston, István; Dlab, Vlastimil; Lukács, Erzsébet
918   On finite essential extensions of torsion free abelian groups
Benabdallah, K.; Ouldbeddi, M. A.
930   Riesz's functions in weighted Hardy and Bergman spaces
Nakazi, Takahiko; Yamada, Masahiro
946   $K$-theoretic classification for inductive limit $Zsb 2$ actions on AF algebras
Elliott, George A.; Su, Hongbing
959   On the principle of duality in Lorentz spaces
Gol'dman, M. L.; Heinig, H. P.; Stepanov, V. D.
980   Simple stably projectionless $Csp *$-algebras arising as crossed products
Kishimoto, Akitaka; Kumjian, Alex
997   Nonabelian fully-ramified sections
Lewis, Mark L.
1018   Forbidden subcategories of non-polynomial growth tame simply connected algebras
de la Peña, J. A.; Skowroński, A.
1044   The Hopf ring for $P(n)$
Ravenel, Douglas C.; Wilson, W. Stephen
1064   The modular group algebra problem for small $p$-groups of maximal class
Salim, Mohamed A. M.; Sandling, Robert
1079   Asymptotic expansion of a class of multi-dimensional integrals
Sellier, A.
1091   On degenerations of modules with nondirecting indecomposable summands
Skowroński, A.; Zwara, G.
1121   Numerical criteria for very ampleness of divisors on projective bundles over an elliptic curve
Alzati, Alberto; Bertolini, Marina; Besana, Gian Mario
1138   New almost periodic type functions and solutions of differential equations
Basit, Bolis; Zhang, Chuanyi
1154   The $3x+1$ conjugacy map
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Lagarias, Jeffrey C.
1170   Finite subgroups in integral group rings
Dokuchaev, Michael A.; Juriaans, Stanley O.
1180   Markov's theorem for orthogonal matrix polynomials
Duran, Antonio J.
1196   A constructive Brauer-Witt theorem for certain solvable groups
Herman, Allen
1210   Induction and restriction of $pi$-partial characters and their lifts
Isaacs, I. M.
1224   Greenberg's theorem for quasiconvex subgroups of word hyperbolic groups
Kapovich, Ilya; Short, Hamish
1245   The residual spectrum of $Gsb 2$
Kim, Henry H.
1273   Compactness of a locally compact group $G$ and geometric properties of $Asb p(G)$
Miao, Tianxuan
1286   Sufficiently homogeneous closed embeddings of ${f A}sp {n-1}$ into ${f A}sp n$ are linear
Russell, Peter
1296   Disciplined spaces and centralizer clone segments
Trnková, V.; Sichler, J.
1324   The representation ring of the twisted quantum double of a finite group
Witherspoon, S. J.

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