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Volume 29 (1977)
Lane, Norman D.; Scherk, Peter; Turgeon, Jean M.
29   Semi-compactness with respect to a Euclidean cone
Wagner, Daniel H.
37   On Alexandroff base compactifications
Wasileski, J. S.
45   Homotopy pull-backs and applications to duality
Walker, Marshall
65   An addendum to: ``Ideals and higher derivations in commutative rings'' (Canad. J. Math. {f 24} (1972), 400--415) by W. C. Brownand Kuan
Kuan, Wei Eihn
71   Extensive subcategories in universal topological algebras
Choe, T. H.; Hong, Y. H.
77   Curves in homogeneous spaces
Hirschorn, Ronald M.
84   Some examples of normal Moore spaces
Rudin, Mary Ellen; Starbird, Michael
93   Gaining units from units
Bernstein, Leon
107   Sur les groupes quasi-purs-projectifs torsions
Benabdallah, Khalid; Bradley, Robert
111   On homeomorphisms of a 3-dimensional handlebody
Suzuki, Shin'ichi
125   Every Hausdorff compactification of a locally compact separable space is a ${ m GA}$ compactification
van Mill, J.
132   Indicator sets, reguli, and a new class of spreads
Sherk, F. A.; Pabst, Günther
155   Sum of squares rings
Fine, Benjamin
161   Positive perturbations and unitary equivalence
Putnam, C. R.
165   Matchings in countable graphs
Steffens, K.
169   Representations by Hermitian forms in a finite field of characteristic two
Fulton, John D.
180   On rational approximation on the positive real axis
Rahman, Q. I.; Schmeisser, G.
193   The manifold of conformally equivalent metrics
Fischer, Arthur E.; Marsden, Jerrold E.
210   On the Calkin algebra and the covering homotopy property. II
Conway, John B.
216   Strict topology on paracompact locally compact spaces
Khurana, Surjit Singh
220   A note on the representation type of pointed irreducible coalgebras and unipotent algebras
Trushin, David
224   Erratum: ``Minimal plat representations of prime knots and links are not unique'' (Canad. J. Math. {f 28} (1976), no. 1, 161--167.)
Montesinos, José M.
225   Some new replaceable translation nets
Bruen, A. A.
238   On rational subdivisions of polyhedra with rational vertices
Beynon, W. M.
243   Applications of duality in the theory of finitely generated lattice-ordered abelian groups
Beynon, W. M.
255   Kronecker products and local joins of graphs
Farzan, M.; Waller, D. A.
270   Multiplicative functionals on Fréchet algebras with bases
Husain, T.; Liang, J.
277   Algebras with a diagonable subspace whose centralizer satisfies a polynomial identity
Goodaire, E. G.
284   Almost-$P$-spaces
Levy, Ronnie
289   Isomorphism of some simple $2$-graded Lie algebras
Djoković, Dragomir Ž.
295   A Lebesgue decomposition for vector valued additive set functions defined on a lattice
Dence, Thomas P.
299   Generalized Bloch mappings in complex Hilbert space
Wicker, Fletcher D.
307   An analog of Nagata's theorem for modular LCM domains
Beauregard, Raymond A.
315   When is a matrix sign stable?
Jeffries, Clark; Klee, Victor; van den Driessche, Pauline
327   Torsion elements and the classification of vector bundles
Little, Robert D.
333   Irreducible automorphisms of certain $p$-groups
Djoković, D. Ž.; Malzan, J.
349   Recursive embeddings of partial orderings
Apt, K. R.
360   A note on quasi-metrizability
Gruenhage, Gary
367   The $3$-irreducible partially ordered sets
Kelly, David
384   Rigid embedding of simple groups in the general linear group
Dixon, John D.
392   On transformation and oscillation of linear differential systems
St. Mary, Donald F.
400   Neighborly $4$-polytopes and neighborly combinatorial $3$-manifolds with ten vertices
Altshuler, A.
421   On Steenrod's problem for cyclic $p$-groups
Arnold, James E. Jr.
429   Continuity properties of operator spectra
Bezak, Nicholas J.; Eisen, Martin
438   On factors of a graph
Mahmoodian, Ebad
441   Lebesgue constants for cardinal ${cal L}$-spline interpolation
Tzimbalario, J.
449   Weak injectivity and congruence extension in congruence-distributive equational classes
Davey, Brian A.
460   On reflexive compact operators
Feintuch, Avraham
466   Automorphism groups of denumerable Boolean algebras
McKenzie, Ralph
472   The existence of continuable solutions of a second order differential equation
Butler, G. J.
480   Symmetrizable, ${cal F}$-, and weakly first countable spaces
Stephenson, R. M. Jr.
489   Examples for the theory of infinite iteration of summability methods
Diaconis, Persi
498   Varieties obeying homotopy laws
Taylor, Walter
528   Inequality constraints in the calculus of variations
Clarke, Frank H.
541   Finite quotients of the automorphism group of a free group
Gilman, Robert
552   Category results for Tsuji functions
Bonar, D. D.; Carroll, F. W.; Colwell, Peter
559   Matrices doubly stochastic by blocks
Fischer, Pal; Holbrook, John A. R.
578   Quasi-$p$-pure-injective groups
Benabdallah, Khalid; Laroche, Ad{è}le
587   Formulas for the Nehari coefficients of bounded univalent functions
De Temple, Duane W.; Oulton, David B.
606   Some local-global principles for formally real fields
Marshall, M.
615   Homomorphisms from $S(X)$ into $S(Y)$
Magill, Kenneth D. Jr.
626   Translation-invariant operators on $Lsp{p}(G),$ $0<p<1$. II
Oberlin, Daniel M.
631   Matrices sous-stochastiques et fonctions convexes
Fischer, Pal; Holbrook, John A. R.
638   On a transcendence problem of K. Mahler: ``Remarks on a paper by W. Schwarz'' (J. Number Theory {f 1} (1969), 512--521)
Kubota, K. K.
648   A class of right-orderable groups
Mura, R. T. Botto; Rhemtulla, A. H.
655   A transformation with simple spectrum which is not rank one
del Junco, Andrés
664   ``Compatible tight Riesz orders on the group of automorphisms of an $0-2$-homogeneous set'' (Canad. J. Math. {f 28} (1976), no. 5 1076--1081): addendum
Davis, Gary; Fox, Colin D.
666   Split graphs having Dilworth number two
Földes, Stéphane; Hammer, Peter L.
673   A characterization of starshaped sets
Stanek, Jean Chan
681   Green's potentials with prescribed boundary values
Wu, Jang Mei G.
687   Weak $q$-rings
Mohamed, Saad; Singh, Surjeet
696   Systems that are purely simple and pure injective
Okoh, Frank
701   Complex approximation and simultaneous interpolation on closed sets
Gauthier, P. M.; Hengartner, W.
707   A topological characterization of conjugate nets
Vincent, Paul A.
722   CPI-extensions: overrings of integral domains with special prime spectrums
Boisen, Monte B. Jr.; Sheldon, Philip B.
738   A canonical factorization for graph homomorphisms
Fawcett, Barry
744   Changes of variables preserving Fourier-Stieltjes transforms on simply connected nilpotent Lie groups
Drury, S. W.
756   Cyclic transformations of polygons and the generalized inverse
Davis, Philip J.
771   The Carathéodory metric and its majorant metrics
Burbea, Jacob
781   Best trigonometric approximation, fractional order derivatives and Lipschitz classes
Butzer, P. L.; Dyckhoff, H.; Görlich, E.; Stens, R. L.
794   Rice theorems for $Ssb{n}sp{-1}$ sets
Johnson, Nancy
806   On upcrossing probabilities
McDonald, David R.
819   On the distribution modulo $1$ of the sequence $alpha nsp{2}+eta n$
Schmidt, Wolfgang M.
827   Certain integral equalities which imply equimeasurability of functions
Stephenson, Kenneth
845   On rank $3$ groups having $lambda =0$
Atkinson, M. D.
848   A sufficient condition for solvability in groups admitting elementary abelian operator groups
Pettet, Martin R.
856   On some classes of primary Banach spaces
Casazza, P. G.; Kottman, C. A.; Lin, Bor Luh
874   The transfer of the Krull dimension and the Gabriel dimension to subidealizers
Krause, Günter; Teply, Mark L.
889   Finite groups admitting an automorphism trivial on a Sylow $2$-subgroup
Hayden, John L.; Winter, David L.
897   Approximating approximate fibrations by fibrations
Husch, L. S.
914   The complete quotient ring of images of semilocal Prüfer domains
Chuchel, John; Eggert, Norman
928   Witt's theorem for quadratic forms over non-dyadic discrete valuation rings
Cohen, David Mordecai
937   Linear transformations on matrices: the invariance of a class of general matrix functions
Ong, Hock
947   The dichromate and orientations of a graph
Berman, Gerald
957   Even Whitehead squares are not projective
Milgram, R. James; Zvengrowski, Peter
963   Banach spaces that are uniformly rotund in weakly compact sets of directions
Smith, Mark A.
971   Decomposition based generating functions for sequences
Jackson, D. M.; Aleliunas, R.
1010   Relations between generalized growth conditions and several classes of convexoid operators
Furuta, Takayuki
1031   On characterizing injective sheaves
Dobbs, David E.
1040   On eutactic forms
Ash, Avner
1055   Enlargement of $sigma $-algebras and compactness of time changes
Baxter, J. R.; Chacon, R. V.
1066   Residuals of the join of ascendant subgroups
Whitehead, Jennifer
1069   The weak basis theorem fails in non-locally convex $F$-spaces
Drewnowski, L.
1072   Simple proofs of some theorems on high degrees of unsolvability
Jockusch, Carl G. Jr.
1081   A note on a comparison result for elliptic equations
Allegretto, W.
1086   Radical pairs
Divinsky, N.; Sulinski, A.
1092   Lifting problems and the cohomology of $Csp*$-algebras
Choi, Man Duen; Effros, Edward G.
1112   Jordan loops and decompositions of operators
Brown, Arlen; Pearcy, Carl
1121   Local topological properties of maps and open extensions of maps
Kohli, J. K.
1129   Monocoreflective subcategories in general topology
Woods, R. Grant
1141   Filter adjunction of spaces and compactifications
Harris, Douglas
1145   A contribution to the theory of metrization
Hung, H. H.
1152   Homotopy equivalence of a cofibre fibre composite
Heath, Philip R.
1157   Bireflectionality in classical groups
Ellers, Erich W.
1163   Addendum: ``Some good sequences of interpolatory polynomials'' (Canad. J. Math. {f 26} (1974), 233--246)
Freud, G.; Sharma, A.
1167   A failure of stability under complex interpolation
Connett, William C.; Schwartz, Alan L.
1171   Certain varieties and quasivarieties of completely regular semigroups
Petrich, Mario
1198   Integral representations and complete monotonicity of various quotients of Bessel functions
Ismail, Mourad E. H.
1208   An operad action on infinite loop space multiplication
Lada, Thomas
1217   On the unitarized adjoint representation of a semisimple Lie group. II
Lipsman, Ronald L.
1223   Compactification of hereditarily locally connected spaces
Tymchatyn, E. D.
1230   Quasicyclic subnormal semigroups
Frankfurt, Richard
1247   Cone preserving mappings for quadratic cones over arbitrary fields
Lester, J. A.
1254   Bounded endomorphisms of lattices of finite height
Adams, M. E.; Sichler, J.
1264   Quantization and group representations
Cressman, R.
1277   Extensions of closure spaces
Chattopadhyay, K. C.; Thron, W. J.
1287   On the growth of entire functions bounded on large sets
Hansen, Lowell J.
1292   Shimura varieties and the Selberg trace formula
Langlands, R. P.
1300   On a $1$-dimensional planar continuum without the fixed point property
Martin, John R.
1304   Subfields and invariants of inseparable field extensions
Deveney, James K.; Mordeson, John N.
1312   Covering linkage invariants
Hartley, Richard; Murasugi, Kunio
1340   Norm convergence of $Tsp{n}$
Luecke, Glenn R.

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