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Volume 9 (1966)
  Extensions of Sylvester's theorem
Balomenos, Richard H.; Bonnice, William E.; Silverman, Robert J.
15   Curves on surfaces of constant width
Armstrong, William W.
23   Topology of complex manifolds
Srinivasacharyulu, K.
29   Free and injective Lie modules
Kleiner, Israel
43   Note on generalized Schreier extensions of groups
Kuyk, Willem
49   On the square of a homological monoid
Bonyun, Rosemary
57   On lattices in a module over a matrix algebra
Nobusawa, Nobuo
63   A class of prime rings
Koh, Kwangil; Mewborn, A. C.
73   Automorphisms of the semigroup of all relations on a set
Magill, Kenneth D. Jr.
79   A proof that ${ m Souslin Souslin} Hsubset { m Souslin} H$
Simons, S.
83   Sets of convergence for series defined by iteration
Brauer, George
89   Global stabilty determined by local properties and the first variation
Datko, R.
95   Some characterizations of the one-parameter family of probability distributions
Mathai, A. M.
103   On the boundary and tensor product of function algebras
Fox, A. S.
107   On convergence of projections in locally convex spaces
Simpson, J. E.
111   On sums of valencies in planar graphs
Bowen, Rufus
143   Arithmetic functions satisfying a congruence property
Subbarao, M. V.
147   Unitary perfect numbers
Subbarao, M. V.; Warren, L. J.
155   Some remarks on a combinatorial theorem of Erdős and Rado
Abbott, H. L.
161   Some inequalities related to the Wald-Wolfowitz-Noether condition
Mehra, K. L.; Wong, J. S. W.
171   Total digraphs
Chartrand, Gary; Stewart, M. James
177   Sequences of Euler graphs
Sabidussi, Gert
183   On the injective hulls of cyclic modules over Dedekind domains
Banaschewski, B.
187   On the quotients of indecomposable injective modules
Tiwary, A. K.
191   On very large one sided ideals of a ring
Koh, Kwangil
197   Some simple properties of simple nil rings
McWorter, W. A.
201   A universal factorization theorem in topology
Sharpe, R.; Beattie, M.; Marsden, J.
209   A generating function for Jacobi polynomials
Saxena, R. K.
215   On the reducibility of Appell's function $Fsb{4}$
Saxena, R. K.
223   A remarkable class of Mannheim-curves
Blum, Richard
229   On strict monotonicity of continuous solutions of certain types of functional equations
Aczél, J.
233   Some remarks on angular derivatives and Julia's lemma
Jackson, H. L.
265   On the densest packing of spheres in a cube
Schaer, J.
271   The densest packing of five spheres in a cube
Schaer, J.
275   The densest packing of six spheres in a cube
Schaer, J.
281   On graphs that do not contain a Thomsen graph
Brown, W. G.
287   On arithmetic convolutions
Davison, T. M. K.
297   On subtournaments of a tournament
Moon, J. W.
303   The error term for the squarefree integers
Moser, L.; MacLeod, R. A.
307   Integration of non-measurable functions
Zakon, Elias
331   Unbounded vector measures
Byers, William
343   A theorem on nets
Shimrat, M.
347   On a lemma of M. Abramson
Church, C. A. Jr.
349   Function space topologies for connectivity and semi-connectivity functions
Naimpally, Somashekhar Amrith
353   Semi-Hausdorff spaces
Murdeshwar, M. G.; Naimpally, S. A.
357   On axioms for semi-lattices
Padmanabhan, R.
407   Order in finite affine planes
Beattie, Mary; Marsden, J. E.; Sharpe, R. W.
413   On groups with all composition factors isomorphic
Bercov, R.
417   On semigroups of transformations acting transitively on a set
Tully, E. J. Jr.
421   On some special factorizations of $(1-xsp{n})/ (1-x)$
Carlitz, L.; Moser, L.
427   Generating functions for a class of arithmetic functions
Gioia, A. A.; Subbarao, M. V.
433   Linear normed spaces with extension property
Elliott, George; Halperin, Israel
443   A Brouwer type coincidence theorem
Schirmer, Helga
447   A new inversion and representation theory for the Laplace transform
Heinig, H. P.
457   A note on Dirichlet convolutions
Segal, S. L.
463   On Carathéodory's theorem
Scherk, P.
467   A property of entire functions of exponential type
Rahman, Q. I.
473   On the functional equations $vert f(x+iy)vert =vert f(x)+f(iy)vert $ and $vert f(x+iy)vert =vert f(x)-f(iy)vert $ and on Ivory's theorem
Haruki, Hiroshi
481   The solution of non-homogeneous systems of differential equations by undetermined coefficients
Brauer, Fred
489   Fatigue spaces in electromagnetic-gravitational theory
McKiernan, M. A.
509   A characterization of deviation from normality under certain moment assumptions
McGillivray, W. R.; Kaller, C. L.
515   A combinatorial theorem
Bassett, Paul G.
517   A counterexample to a conjecture of D. F. Sanderson
Kleiner, Israel
519   A global existence theorem
Eisen, M.
521   $Rsb{1}$-topological spaces
Murdeshwar, M. G.; Naimpally, S. A.
525   On closed, totally bounded sets
Murdeshwar, M. G.
527   Limites projectives de chaïnes de demi-groupes nilpotents
Gagnon, F. P.
557   Hamiltonian circuits and paths on the $n$-cube
Abbott, H. L.
563   On the maximum order of the group of a tournament
Goldberg, Myron; Moon, J. W.
571   A congruence for a class of arithmetic functions
Subbarao, M. V.
575   Eisenstein's criteria for absolute irreducibility over a finite field
Williams, Kenneth S.
581   On fundamental constructions and adjoint functors
Maranda, J.-M.
593   An informal arithmetical approach to computability and computation. III
Melzak, Z. A.
611   Demi-groupes séparateurs
Derdérian, J.-C.; Thierrin, G.
621   Note on almost product manifolds and their tangent bundles
Houh, Chorng-shi
631   On disjoint connected subsets of a square containing pairs of antipodal ponts
Morrison, D.; Kiang, M.; Wright, J.
639   Translativity for strong Borel summability
Lorch, Lee
647   On the strong summability by triangular means of the derived Fourier series and its conjugate series
Govil, Narendra K.
655   Stability of interpolation on an infinite interval
Saxena, R. B.
667   An isoperimetric inequality for tetrahedra
Melzak, Z. A.
671   On the exactness of the Eckmann-Hilton homotopy sequence
Pears, A. R.
675   A note on combinations
Abramson, M.; Moser, W.
757   Numerical linear algebra
Kahan, W. M.

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