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Volume 42 (1999)
  How the Roots of a Polynomial Vary with Its Coefficients: A Local Quantitative Result
Beauzamy, Bernard
13   Dow's Principle and $Q$-Sets
Brendle, Jörg
25   On the Set of Common Differences in van der Waerden's Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions
Brown, Tom C.; Graham, Ronald L.; Landman, Bruce M.
37   Operators with Closed Range, Pseudo-Inverses, and Perturbation of Frames for a Subspace
Christensen, Ole
46   Generic Partial Two-Point Sets Are Extendable
Dijkstra, Jan J.
52   Embedding Coverings in Bundles
Edmonds, Allan L.
56   On the Square of the First Zero of the Bessel Function $J_\nu(z)$
Elbert, Árpád; Siafarikas, Panayiotis D.
68   The Moments of the Sum-Of-Digits Function in Number Fields
Gittenberger, Bernhard; Thuswaldner, Jörg M.
78   Fermat Jacobians of Prime Degree over Finite Fields
González, Josep
87   Some norm inequalities for operators
Kittaneh, Fuad
97   On Analytic Functions of Bergman $\BMO$ in the Ball
Kwon, E. G.
104   Instabilité de vecteurs propres d'opérateurs linéaires
Nikolskaia, Ludmila
118   Points of Weak$^\ast$-Norm Continuity in the Unit Ball of the Space $\WC(K,X)^\ast$
Rao, T. S. S. R. K.
125   Modular Vector Invariants of Cyclic Permutation Representations
Smith, Larry
129   Hecke Operations and the Adams $E_2$-Term Based on Elliptic Cohomology
Baker, Andrew
139   Essential Norm and Weak Compactness of Composition Operators on Weighted Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions
Bonet, José; Domański, Paweł; Lindström, Mikael
149   A Note on Finite Dehn Fillings
Boyer, S.; Zhang, X.
155   Non--Cohen-Macaulay Vector Invariants and a Noether Bound for a Gorenstein Ring of Invariants
Campbell, H. E. A.; Geramita, A. V.; Hughes, I. P.; Shank, R. J.; Wehlau, D. L.
162   Lorentz-Schatten Classes and Pointwise Domination of Matrices
Cobos, Fernando; Kühn, Thomas
169   Heat Kernels of Lorentz Cones
Ding, Hongming
174   Rings With Comparability
Ferrero, Miguel; Sant'Ana, Alveri
184   On Arithmetic Means of Sequences Generated by a Periodic Function
Fiorito, Giovanni
190   Topological Quantum Field Theory and Strong Shift Equivalence
Gilmer, Patrick M.
198   Commutators and Analytic Dependence of Fourier-Bessel Series on $(0,\infty)$
Guadalupe, José J.; Pérez, Mario; Varona, Juan L.
209   Ample Vector Bundles of Curve Genus One
Lanteri, Antonio; Maeda, Hidetoshi
214   Conjugate Radius and Sphere Theorem
Paeng, Seong-Hun; Yun, Jong-Gug
221   Boundedness of the $q$-Mean-Square Operator on Vector-Valued Analytic Martingales
Liu, Peide; Saksman, Eero; Tylli, Hans-Olav
231   Generating Ideals in Rings of Integer-Valued Polynomials
Rush, David E.
237   On Benson's Definition of Area in Minkowski Space
Thompson, A. C.
248   The Classification of $\Pin_4$-Bundles over a $4$-Complex
Weber, Christian
257   Homotopy of Knots and the Alexander Polynomial
Austin, David; Rolfsen, Dale
263   Mellin Transforms of Mixed Cusp Forms
Choie, Youngju; Lee, Min Ho
274   The Bockstein Map is Necessary
Dădărlat, Marius; Eilers, Søren
285   On Kloosterman Sums with Oscillating Coefficients
Deng, Peiming
291   Spaces of Quasi-Measures
Grubb, D. J.; LaBerge, Tim
298   Semigroup Algebras and Maximal Orders
Jespers, Eric; Okniński, Jan
307   On the Moduli Space of a Spherical Polygonal Linkage
Kapovich, Michael; Millson, John J.
321   Averaging Operators and Martingale Inequalities in Rearrangement Invariant Function Spaces
Kikuchi, Masato
335   Cyclic Subgroup Separability of HNN-Extensions with Cyclic Associated Subgroups
Kim, Goansu; Tang, C. Y.
344   Positive Definite Distributions and Subspaces of $L_p$ With Applications to Stable Processes
Koldobsky, Alexander
354   A Real Holomorphy Ring without the Schmüdgen Property
Marshall, Murray A.
359   A Generalized Rao Bound for Ordered Orthogonal Arrays and $(t,m,s)$-Nets
Martin, W. J.; Stinson, D. R.
371   Prime and Primary Ideals in a Prüfer Order in a Simple Artinian Ring with Finite Dimension over its Center
Marubayashi, H.; Ueda, A.
380   Asymptotic Behavior of Optimal Circle Packings in a Square
Nurmela, Kari J.; Östergård, Patric R. J.; aus dem Spring, Rainer
386   Minimal Separators
Polat, Norbert
393   A Class of Supercuspidal Representations of $G_2(k)$
Savin, Gordan
401   Lie Derivations in Prime Rings With Involution
Swain, Gordon A.; Blau, Philip S.
412   Peirce Domains
Tai, Yung-Sheng
417   Some Properties of Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles
Aziz-Ul-Auzeem, Abdul; Zarger, B. A.
427   Ramanujan and the Modular $j$-Invariant
Berndt, Bruce C.; Chan, Heng Huat
441   Product Bases for the Rationals
Berrizbeitia, P.; Elliott, P. D. T. A.
445   Smooth Maps and Real Algebraic Morphisms
Bochnak, J.; Kucharz, W.
452   Finite Rank Operators in Certain Algebras
Bradley, Sean
463   A Generalized Characterization of Commutators of Parabolic Singular Integrals
Hofmann, Steve; Li, Xinwei; Yang, Dachun
478   A Remark On the Moser-Aubin Inequality For Axially Symmetric Functions On the Sphere
Pruss, Alexander R.
486   Spherical Functions on $\SO_0(p,q)/\SO(p)\times \SO(q)$
Sawyer, P.
499   Characterizations of Simple Isolated Line Singularities
Zaharia, Alexandru
507   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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