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Volume 36 (1984)
  Approximation harmonique sur les surfaces de Riemann
Boivin, A.; Gauthier, P. M.
  Déformations $G$-verselles et $G$-stables
Gervais, Jean-Jacques
22   Serial right Noetherian rings
Singh, Surjeet
38   The character of certain closed sets
Swardson, Mary Anne
58   On the regularity of the Kowalsky completion
Lowen-Colebunders, Eva
71   Nonnegative solutions for a weakly nonlinear elliptic equations
Allegretto, Walter
84   Rayon de regularité dans les algèbres infraséquentielles
Oudadess, Mohamed
95   Directionally Lipschitzian mappings on Baire spaces
Borwein, J. M.; Strójwas, H. M.
131   Tangent spaces of a normal surface with hyperelliptic sections
Edge, W. L.
144   Pro-categories and multiadjoint functors
Tholen, Walter
156   Normal semimodules: a theory of generalized convex cones
Marcus, Daniel A.
178   Projective approximations
Varadarajan, K.
193   Endomorphism rings and Gabriel topologies
Khuri, Soumaya Makdissi
206   On central $Omega $-Krull rings and their class groups
Jespers, E.; Wauters, P.
240   Smooth boundary values along totally real submanifolds
Stout, Edgar Lee
249   Diagonal equations over large finite fields
Small, Charles
263   Towards minimal binding varieties of lattices
Koubek, Václav
286   How many matrices have roots?
Borwein, J. M.; Richmond, B.
300   Products of reflections in the group ${ m SO}sp{ast} (2n)$
Djoković, Dragomir Ž.; Malzan, Jerry
327   Semigroupe des parties et relations de Green
Pin, J.-E.
344   Associated prime ideals in non-Noetherian rings
Iroz, Juana; Rush, David E.
361   A canonical decomposition in mixed exterior algebra
Vanstone, J. R.
374   Distance-genericity for real algebraic hypersurfaces
Bruce, J. W.; Gibson, C. G.
385   Interior estimates for elliptic partial differential equations in the ${cal L}sp{(q,lambda )}$ spaces of strong type
Ono, Akira
405   Supplements of Hölder's inequality
Barnes, David C.
421   On the symmetric hypercenter of a ring
Giambruno, A.
436   Weakly compact, operator-valued derivations of type ${ m I}$ von Neumann algebras
Wright, Steve
458   A note on divisibility in $Hsp{infty }(X)$
Forelli, Frank
470   A class of homomorphisms of pre-Hjelmslev groups
Knüppel, Frieder
495   Fixed points as equations and solutions
Adámek, Jiří; Merzenich, Wolfgang
520   On vertical order of one-dimensional compacta in $Esp{3}$
Tinsley, Fred; Wright, David G.
529   A generalization of an addition theorem for solvable groups
Yuster, Thomas; Peterson, Bruce
537   Inflectional convex space curves
Bisztriczky, Tibor
550   Injectivity in the topos of complete Heyting algebra valued sets
Higgs, Denis
569   Discrete convex functions and proof of the six circle conjecture of Fejes Tóth
Bárány, Imre; Füredi, Zoltán; Pach, János
577   Decompositions of submeasures
Brook, Cecilia H.
591   On special group-automorphisms and their composition
Hilton, Peter
601   Fonction de Green et surfaces nodales des fonctions propres de l'hamiltonien $-{1over 2}Delta +V$
Vauthier, J.
615   Spherical harmonics, the Weyl transform and the Fourier transform on the Heisenberg group
Geller, Daryl
685   Orthogonal polynomials with symmetry of order three
Dunkl, Charles F.
718   Asymptotic behavior of normal mappings of several complex variables
Hahn, Kyong T.
747   Range sets and BMO norms of analytic functions
Kobayashi, Shōji
756   On the difference property of the class of pointwise discontinuous functions and of some related classes
Laczkovich, M.
769   On translation planes which admit solvable autotopism groups having a large slope orbit
Jha, Vikram
783   A unified view of (complete) regularity and certain variants of (complete) regularity
Kohli, J. K.
795   Modular and admissible semilattices
Hoo, C. S.; Ramana Murty, P. V.
800   Some special classes of Cartan matrices
Ogg, A. P.
820   On isomorphisms of lattices of closed subspaces
Fillmore, P. A.; Longstaff, W. E.
830   Espace des états normaux d'un facteur de type ${ m III}sb lambda ;(0<lambda < 1)$ et d'un facteur de type ${ m III}sb 0$
Bion-Nadal, Jocelyne
883   Equicontinuity of families of convex and concave-convex operators
Jouak, Mohamed; Thibault, Lionel
899   Torsion theories induced by tilting modules
Assem, Ibrahim
914   On unbounded Volterra operators
Hughes, Rhonda J.
924   Generalized Mellin convolutions and their asymptotic expansions
Wong, R.; McClure, J. P.
961   Outer derivations and classical-Albert-Zassenhaus Lie algebras
Winter, David J.
973   Some spectral properties of polar decompositions
Cain, Bryan E.
986   Localisation relative associée à une théorie de torsion
Lemaire, Claude
1000   Compactness and weak compactness in spaces of compact-range vector measures
Graves, William H.; Ruess, Wolfgang
1021   Modularity in the lattice of projections of a von Neumann algebra
Bures, Donald
1031   On explicit decomposition for positive polynomials on $[-1,+1]$ with applications to extremal problems
Pierre, R.
1046   A general form of the functional LIL for Banach-valued Brownian motion
Wong, H. Ship-Fah
1067   On torsion-free groups of finite rank
Meier, David; Rhemtulla, Akbar
1081   Discrete open and closed mappings on generalized continua and Newman's property
McAuley, Louis F.; Robinson, Eric E.
1113   More on compact Hausdorff spaces and finitary duality
Banaschewski, B.
1119   Basic commutators and minimal Massey products
Fenn, Roger; Sjerve, Denis

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