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Volume 47 (2004)
  Singular Integrals With Rough Kernels
Al-Salman, Ahmad; Pan, Yibiao
12   On Newton's Method and Rational Approximations to Quadratic Irrationals
Burger, Edward B.
17   Universal Singular Inner Functions
Gorkin, Pamela; Mortini, Raymond
22   A Note on the Height of the Formal Brauer Group of a $K3$ Surface
Goto, Yasuhiro
30   Existence of Leray's Self-Similar Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations In $\mathcal{D}\subset\mathbb{R}^3$
He, Xinyu
38   On the Generalized Cyclic Eilenberg-Zilber Theorem
Khalkhali, M.; Rangipour, B.
49   The Essential Norm of a Bloch-to-$Q_p$ Composition Operator
Lindström, Mikael; Makhmutov, Shamil; Taskinen, Jari
60   Rational Integer Invariants of Regular Cyclic Actions
Little, Robert D.
73   Systems of Hermitian Quadratic Forms
Li, Ma; Dezhong, Chen
82   Point Sets and Dynamical Systems In the Autocorrelation Topology
Moody, Robert V.; Strungaru, Nicolae
100   Invariant Subspaces on $\mathbb{T}^N$ and $\mathbb{R}^N$
Seto, Michio
108   On Universal Schauder Bases in Non-Archimedean Fréchet Spaces
Śliwa, Wiesław
119   $2$-Primary Exponent Bounds for Lie Groups of Low Rank
Theriault, Stephen D.
133   Embeddability of Some Three-Dimensional Weakly Pseudoconvex ${\rm CR}$ Structures
Wang, Wei
144   On the Uniqueness of Wave Operators Associated With Non-Trace Class Perturbations
Xia, Jingbo
152   On Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions with Shared Values in Some Angular Domains
Zheng, Jian-Hua
161   Suborbit Structure of Permutation $p$-Groups and an Application to Cayley Digraph Isomorphism
Alspach, Brian; Du, Shaofei
168   Kolakoski-$(3,1)$ Is a (Deformed) Model Set
Baake, Michael; Sing, Bernd
191   Congruence Class Sizes in Finite Sectionally Complemented Lattices
Grätzer, G.; Schmidt, E. T.
206   The Poincaré Inequality and Reverse Doubling Weights
Hurri-Syrjänen, Ritva
215   Countable Amenable Identity Excluding Groups
Jaworski, Wojciech
229   Solvability by Real Radicals and Fermat Primes
Jensen, C. U.
237   Ramification des séries formelles
Laubie, François
246   On Maximal $k$-Sections and Related Common Transversals of Convex Bodies
Makai, Endre Jr.; Martini, Horst
257   A Geometric Characterization of Nonnegative Bands
Marwaha, Alka
264   Counting Rational Points on Ruled Varieties
McKinnon, David
271   Linear Relations Among the Values of Canonical Heights from the Existence of Non-Trivial Endomorphisms
Naumann, Niko
280   Super-Brownian Motion and Critical Spatial Stochastic Systems
Perkins, Ed
298   Near Triangularizability Implies Triangularizability
Yahaghi, Bamdad R.
314   Mean Curvature Comparison with $L^1$-norms of Ricci Curvature
Yun, Jong-Gug
321   Classifying Spaces for Monoidal Categories Through Geometric Nerves
Bullejos, M.; Cegarra, A. M.
332   Recurrent Geodesics in Flat Lorentz $3$-Manifolds
Charette, Virginie; Goldman, William M.; Jones, Catherine A.
343   Combinatorics of Words and Semigroup Algebras Which Are Sums of Locally Nilpotent Subalgebras
Drensky, Vesselin; Hammoudi, Lakhdar
354   An Integral Formula on Seifert Bundles
Fawaz, Amine
358   A Strong Form of a Problem of R. L. Graham
Ford, Kevin
369   Spectrally Bounded Linear Maps on ${\cal B}(X)$
Fošner, Ajda; Šemrl, Peter
373   On the Diophantine Equation $n(n+d)\cdots(n+(k-1)d)=by^l$
Győry, K.; Hajdu, L.; Saradha, N.
389   An Inversion Formula of the Radon Transform Transform on the Heisenberg Group
He, Jianxun
398   A Reduction of the Batyrev-Manin Conjecture for Kummer Surfaces
McKinnon, David
407   Multiplicity of Resonances in Black Box Scattering
Nedelec, L.
417   A Hopf Type Lemma and a CR Type Inversion for the Generalized Greiner Operator
Niu, Pengcheng; Han, Yanwu; Han, Junqiang
431   A Note on $4$-Rank Densities
Osburn, Robert
439   On the Stable Basin Theorem
Parker, John R.
445   Biprojectivity and Biflatness for Convolution Algebras of Nuclear Operators
Pirkovskii, A. Yu.
456   On the Berger-Coburn-Lebow Problem for Hardy Submodules
Seto, Michio
468   Strong Multiplicity One for the Selberg Class
Soundararajan, K.
475   Uniqueness of Almost Everywhere Convergent Vilenkin Series
Wade, W. R.
481   A New Characterization of Hardy Martingale Cotype Space
Bekjan, Turdebek N.
492   Isotropic Immersions with Low Codimension of Complex Space Forms into Real Space Forms
Boumuki, Nobutaka
504   High Frequency Resolvent Estimates and Energy Decay of Solutions to the Wave Equation
Cardoso, Fernando; Vodev, Georgi
515   Remarques sur l'enlacement en théorie des points critiques pour des fonctionnelles continues
Frigon, M.
530   A Characterization of $ PSU_{11}(q)$
Iranmanesh, A.; Khosravi, B.
540   Compactness of Hardy-Type Operators over Star-Shaped Regions in $\mathbb{R}^N$
Jain, Pankaj; Jain, Pawan K.; Gupta, Babita
553   A Geometric Approach to Voiculescu-Brown Entropy
Kerr, David
566   Algebraicity of some Weil Hodge Classes
Koike, Kenji
573   A Generalization of the Turán Theorem and Its Applications
Liu, Yu-Ru
589   A Generalization of the Erdös-Kac Theorem and its Applications
Liu, Yu-Ru
607   A Residue Formula for $\SU(2)$-Valued Moment Maps
Plamenevskaya, Olga
615   $C^*$-Algebras and Factorization Through Diagonal Operators
Randrianantoanina, Narcisse
624   A Compactness Theorem for Yang-Mills Connections
Zhang, Xi
635   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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