Media Release – May 11, 2023
Canadian Mathematical Society

The CMS Launches the Canada Lynx Mathematical Competition

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) is excited to announce the launch of a new mathematical competition for students in grades 7-12: the Canada Lynx Mathematical Competition (CLMC).

The CLMC is an inclusive national math contest with immediate feedback. The contest offers a mix of questions for all levels and abilities.  The objectives of the competition are:

  • to foster an interest in mathematics among students regardless of their skill level;
  • to increase student confidence in their math abilities;
  • to present mathematics as a fun and playful subject to students.

This new competition, which will take place at the beginning of each school year, is intended to help teachers assess students’ mathematical skills. It will also serve as great practice for students with advanced mathematical skills who wish to participate in the prestigious Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) that takes place at the end of October each year.

The exam can be written online or in person on paper. For in-person exams, the CMS has implemented a PDF delivery system to eliminate postal delays. This will allow the CMS to offer the exam to all students at the affordable price of $12.

The CLMC consists of 15 multiple-choice questions based on the grades 7-11 core curriculum. The questions are divided in three parts and progress in difficulty. There are, however, no age restrictions to participate.

By participating in the contest, students can earn a chance to win cool prizes and awards. Moreover, contestants who obtain a perfect score in the competition will be invited to write the COMC, the gateway exam to the prestigious Canadian Mathematics Olympic Team, free of charge.

This year the CLMC will take place on September 28, and registration will open in September.

About the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS)

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For more information, please visit the CMS Competitions page or contact:

Dr. Dorette Pronk
Chair, Competition Committee
Canadian Mathematical Society


Dr. Termeh Kousha (PhD)
Executive Director
Canadian Mathematical Society